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Is Al Hayba Season 4 Released? Know about Cast | Plot | Release Date

al hayba season 4

Are you searching for Al Hayba Season 4?

If you are, I can definitely read your mind about how relatable you find this series to yourself.

Am I right?

Series that we find relatable has magic to bind ourselves to it for forever, yes literally for forever.

You will find this series relatable because it has all of it like drama related to families, related to society, love drama, and societal issues. What all a person goes through when he/she thinks to move out from the status quo.

 You will enjoy the series a lot after getting to know a little more about it.

al hayba season 4

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What AL Hayba is all About?

Al Hayba is a Syrian-Lebanese drama series that is directed by Samer Bargawi. The series was first aired in the Arab World on MBC(Middle East Broadcasting Center) on 27th May 2017. On Netflix, you can find it in various languages: Chinese, Hebrew, French, English, Spanish, Greek, and Turkis.

The Series is named after the village where it is screened that is the village of “AL Hayba” which is near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

In season 1 you will see the story of Alia who is a Lebanese woman who lives in Canada. She lives with her son Joe(Jabal Jr) and her husband Adel.

Adel is the son of Lebanese Sultan Sheikh Al Jabal and a Syrian Mother. But unfortunately, you will see that Adel passes away in Canada, and as per his wish to be buried in Lebanon, he is buried at the place.

Since then things start to get out of place, where Alia meet’s her deceased husband’s family who wants to keep her son with them. And as a typical mother-in-law, Adel’s mother commands Alia that she can live with her son only if she marries her eldest son, who is Adel’s brother.

Till now there is some sort of opinion that you must have built till now right?

Tell me in the comment section what is your opinion on this.

Alia does not surrender to their demand, rather she files a complaint against the Family at the Candian embassy. Amidst all this and following a series of actions, Alia falls in love with Jabal, who is a strong young man who comes from a clan that controls the trading and bootlegging of arms at the borders.

He along with his family lives a lifestyle that is different from the status quo way of living. To deal with any dispute they still use traditional ways that are the use of authority and power.

The ending of Season 1 has been drastic where Jabal Publicly executes the eldest son of Alia’s ex-husband’s family. With such an end, the story of seasons 2 and 3 becomes more interesting that makes the viewer impatient to know what happened next.

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Is Al Hyba Season 4 Released?

But after watching Al Hyba season 3 what is next?

Next is the Al Hayba season 4 which was to be released in May 2020, but due to covid-19 the release date got delayed.

After many hours of research, we still failed to get the exact release date of the Al Hayba season 4. But after thorough research, we are of the opinion that it is going with the rumours that it was released somewhere between October and November 2020.

But during our research, we got the trailer for Season 4 which you can see below:

But we are certain that season 4  is out and you can see the seasons on the website.

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Who all are in the Cast?

Comment your favourite character below, and also tell me what do you like about the character

  •       Taim Hasan as Jabal
  •       Nassib Njeim as Alia Nadine
  •       Cyrime Abdelnour as Nour Rahma
  •       Oweiss Mkhallalati as Sakher
  •       Muna Wassef as Nahed Imran
  •       Rozina Lazkani as Mona
  •       Abdo chahine as Chahine
  •       Said Serhan as Ali
  •       Mohammad Akil as AL Shayeb
  •       Michael Hourani as Majdi
  •       Carla Boutros as Dr Ghada
  •       Kitam Alaham as Em Chahine
  •       Sainab Hind Khadra as Rima
  •       Layla Qamri as Em Ali
  •       Najah Safkouni as Nahed’s brother
  •       Patrick as Essa “The Attorney”
  •       Khalid Alsayed as Jabel’s paternal uncle

al hayba season 4


Wrapping Up: Next to be Taken

Now that you know that the Al Hayba season 4 is out, now you can go and watch it without any further delay. Enjoy your watch with a popcorn bowl in your hand and a glass of cold drink.

Note: Don’t binge-watch along with binge eating as it is not a healthy routine.

For more comedy, mystery, or love drama, check out the website and you will get a plethora of knowledge to save in.

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