Irma Vep Reboot: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Movie!



Irma Vep was released in 1996 and it seems like the movie premiered just a few days earlier. It’s been such a long time and fans are craving for such horror thriller movies to happen again. In recent years we have been seeing the world shift more towards such shows. Everyone loves the thriller touch in the dreams and why shouldn’t? These things are something that spices up the story and makes the viewers learn things more drastically. That’s why the creator of Irma Vep has decided to bring back the original movie of the old days and make a reboot of it. 

Irma Vep Reboot

Fans learned about the adaptation a few years back and they got inspired by the idea. Starring  Maggie Chung, the movie was something that made the viewers more excited, through the end, the fans have joked with the storyline and there have been obvious questions that the story has posed. Despite having popularity, the officials have not announced the sequel of the horror movie at that time. 

Now, Olivier Assayas has officially announced that he would be handling the direction of the reboot. Irma Vep Is one of the highly anticipated horror movies and fans are deliberately waiting for the  reboot to happen. In this article, we will be going to share everything about the upcoming mini-series Irma Vep and will we updating everything that we know so far. 

Irma Vep: Everything you Need to Know!

Irma Vep Reboot

Irma Vep was initially released in 1996. It is a French film that is created by Olivier Assayas. Following the story of a mysterious French film director that has been facing a lot of issues because of his life. The film stars Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung (whose character was sophisticated and includes her name. 

When the movie was released, it got great ratings and feedback from the audience. The movie was amazing as it brings home different perspectives to the people. Now, the reboot is going to happen and the creators have already announced this a few months ago. There have already been so many speculations regarding what will happen in the reboot.

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Irma Vep Reboot: When is it going to Release?

There are already many rumors that suggest the release of the upcoming film. The upcoming Mini series has raised a lot of questions again about what could happen in the show inspired by the 1996 movie II which already has a lot of popularity. Friends are with questions about the release date of the reboot.

 The officials have not yet updated anything regarding the release date. While the confirmation about the reboot has already been rumored for a long time, there is still no news about the date.  Also,  we don’t have any information regarding the production of the series. 

Recently one of the closed sources has confirmed that the series is coming this year, 2022.  However,  the news was never confirmed by any of the officials. So far, we have confirmation about the mini-series getting a green light. 

We are assuming the fast release of the series and waiting for further information to release. So far, we have predicted the release date of Irma Vep Reboot for 2022 or 2023. 

We are still looking at the official release date and will get back to you once we found out everything. What do you think? Comment down below about your viewers regarding the series. 

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Irma Vep Reboot: What will be the storyline?

Irma Vep Reboot

Irma  Vep is a french movie and there will be a reboot inspired by them. The original movie follows the horror scenes and the tariff story about a director who got misfortune. The series will be centering around Vikander’s Mira, an American Movie star who is already going through a major break issue and in a depression state where she is lonely. 

Her private and professional life is completely different and that’s where she has been struggling to deal with, we don’t have any confirmation regarding the future of the show and we don’t know what will be happening in the toilet, There are so many things that the fans are wondering about the plotline is one of the important things. We would have to see what will happen to the show’s future, 

It’s still a big mystery whether the developers are sticking with the same story or will be heading to a different one. It’s often seen that the reboot brings a new story with plots and details and while we all have to wait and watch everything about it. 

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Is there any official trailer?

So far, we only have the confirmation about the renewal of the series However, there are no updates about the series getting any official trailer. The show’s future has not yet been confirmed and we have a lot of things to talk about. The officials seemed to be working on the release of the miniseries and we will make sure to let you know if there will be any updates from them. 

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