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iPhone 12: Massive iPhone 12 Leak Reveals Everything

There were multiple leaks out there about the upcoming iPhone 12. But, above all the latest leak is the biggest one yet. A huge display, camera, and Face ID updates are said to be in the new iPhone model. The model was recently leaked about its 120Hz ProMotoion display. It was said to come up with iPhone 12.

It will have a dynamic display that can change the refresh rate to both 60 Hz and 120 Hz. Besides, It will change according to the work you which is being worked on the display. The biggest jump in the battery will be also notable.

More Rumored Details About iPhone 12

The battery will be upgraded from a 3969 mAh to 4400 mAh. A shrinking of face ID sensors and a small notch was told in the previous leaks. Besides, the new information shows some updates with a wider sensor for Face ID. It will help to use it in any position with more accurate face recognition.

Leaked iPhone 12 names, display, storage and prices | iMore

When it comes to camera features, it is surely upgraded from what we saw in the iPhone 11 models. Far better autofocus along with the better object detection and slow-motion performance in low light. Besides, 1x improvement in telephoto zoom is also expected. It means from 2x telephoto zoom will be upgraded to 3x optical zoom.

LiDAR sensors from the new iPad were already confirmed with the iPhone 12. After all, most of the leaks take us to the conclusion that the phone will be released in four variations. However, we have many more months to go before the actual launch. So, more leaks can be expected before that. Let’s wait for them.

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