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iPad’s Turn Out To Be Crucial Health Care Tools In Combating COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is the greatest threat to the nation now. Thousands of people are dying across the globe. Millions of people are in quarantine and self-isolation. The social system is collapsing rapidly. The drops in the global economy hit the lowest bottom-line in the century. In this crucial situation, Apple iPad’s are helping clinicians in the treatment of Novel Coronavirus. Let’s have a look at how is it working.

The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

We witnessed this outbreak first in China last year. But now the whole world is under its threat. The USA is the new epicenter of the pandemic. Over 14,000 people died there. The situation in Italy and Spain is also delicate. Even though the world is trying to find a treatment, it seems not that effective. But recent researches show that hydroxychloroquine may have a little effect on this disease.


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About Apple

This a familiar name to all gadget lovers. Steve Jobs founded this company on 1st April 1976. It is one of the biggest four technologies (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft). From iPad’s to iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch to Apple TV, computer, all are one of the best technologies in the world. From computer software and hardware to Artificial intelligence, digital distribution, financial technology, Apple has its influence everywhere.

iPad’s Are Serving As Health Care Tool In The Combat With COVID-19

Doctors are using iPad’s and tablets to protect the staff and preserve the protective equipments for minimizing the exposure to the patients. They are also doing virtual rounds through the app in a sanitized Conference room. The patients are in the isolation wards which are equipped with iPad’s that secure the tablets to boats. This iPad software also allows nurses to check and communicate with patients about masks, gloves, protective gear, etc. without exposing themselves to the virus.


Hospitals in California to New York all are building this virtual care system because it shows some effectiveness along with high-quality care. Mass General’s Center for TeleHealth’s leader Dr. Lee Schwamm expects that this combat with the Coronavirus outbreak is going to change the health care system completely and obviously in a good way though.

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