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Iowa: 191 New Cases Of COVID-19, Four Additional Deaths In Iowa; Number Of Cases Keep Rising Despite Early Hopes


David Mudd

The largest one-day increase in the COVID-19 cases is reported in Iowa. According to Iowa Public Health, an additional 191 positive cases are confirmed and 4 deaths reported. After all, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that all schools across the state will remain closed until the end of the semester. All the schools were closed in March and expected to open in April.

She decided to keep the schools after the number of cases started rising day by day in Iowa. Governer added that it is too dangerous to bring kids back into class. Besides, there not much time to reopen schools before the end of this school year.

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An Addition of 600 This Week (Iowa)

Now the total cases in Iowa became 2332 after the addition of the latest 191. This week itself shows a large increase in the cases with about 600 cases. Besides, the lowest single-day increase is 96 until now. Beyond all, deaths also increased by 21 deaths in this week itself. Governer put more restrictions in North Iowa. It is region six according to the state system for the severity of cases.

183 people hospitalized in the day before yesterday. Besides, the outbreak increased in care facilities and meatpacking plants throughout this week. The promising fact is that the number of recovered people is also increasing. It’s about 266 recovered over the week. Even though it is an encouraging fact, it is not a reason for stopping us from taking precautions and be aware. According to the reports, there is also a chance of an increase in the death toll. The government and health officials are taking large measures to decrease more spread in all areas.


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