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iOS 14: New Rumoured Details About iOS 14 From New Fitness App To Improved Messages


David Mudd

The rumour mill for iOS 14 kicked off as soon as iOS 13 became available. Apple usually shows off the new version of iOS at their WWDC, annually taking place in June. Considering that this event is not that far off from now, information about iOS 14 has started to catch fire.

Apple is also quite terrible about plugging leaks. Anything you hear about their upcoming releases right now will most likely end up being true when it is officially unveiled. So, what’s the rumour mill cooking up when it comes to iOS 14? Turns out, a lot. And it’s all pretty cool.

A New Fitness App

One of the most persistent rumours regarding iOS 14 is the introduction of a fitness app. Apple already has an Activity app. The look of this app, with its ring-completion, must be quite familiar to Apple users. This new fitness app may work in conjunction with the Activity app. Apple may end up calling this app either “Fit” or “Fitness” and it will allow you to download workout videos and other such instructional material.

Codenamed “Seymour”, it is also said to work seamlessly across all devices within Apple’s ecosystem, such as the iPhone, iPad and Watch. This app may include guides to numerous activities, such as dancing, cycling, stretching, etc.

New Features In iMessage

Apple’s ever-popular iMessage app may also be getting an upgrade with iOS 14. A couple of nifty features may be making their way to it with this upcoming update. For one, iOS 14 may allow users to mention specific contacts. They may be able to do so using an “@” before typing out the name of the contact. Apple may also be adding the ability for users to delete messages after they have been sent.

So, if you’ve made an embarrassing typo, sent a message to the wrong person or simply regret what you’ve just sent, iOS 14 will most likely allow you to fix your mistake. A prompt indicating the deleted message may still be visible, so it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. We don’t yet know if there is a time limit after which the user may no longer have the option to delete the message, though.

Third-Party Default Apps

Apple users have also long-awaited the ability to be able to choose third-party apps as the default for certain tasks. So, if you want Spotify to be your default music streaming app instead of Apple Music, iOS 14 may let you configure it that way.