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Aditi Narendra

Another film that pays homage to home invasion thrillers like “Pacific Heights” and the more modern “Breaking In” is “The Intruder.” You’d think that with only 84 minutes, it would go quickly enough to distract you from its enormous logical flaws in favor of the chills and thrills. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It takes forever to get to what would be deemed “the nice portions” in a better movie, just like director Deon Taylor’s terrible final picture, “Traffik.” In addition, despite having multiple jumps scares, there is no suspense at all. Worst of all, the film’s heroine not only commits mind-numbingly foolish acts, but it also demands that her spouse save her since it is so archaic.

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The husband in question is Scott Russell (Michael Ealy), a wealthy marketing expert from San Francisco who is so devoted to his wife Annie (Meagan Good) that he will buy a $3 million home in Napa Valley even if he does not intend to live there simply to win her over. Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid), the widower landowner selling Annie’s dream home, claims that “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” In his Meet Cute with the Russells, he unexpectedly emerges from the woods with a rifle and shoots a deer to pieces in front of his prospective customers.


The Intruder is the tale of a couple whose recently purchased home is being watched by the man who actually sold it to them. Scott and Annie Russel, a blissfully married couple, intend to purchase a home in Napa Valley to escape the clamor of New York. They also discovered one, dubbed Foxglove.

Intruder Movie

Charlie Peck is the home’s owner. Charlie informs the audience that he will be traveling to Florida to visit his daughter Cassidy. But the pair notices him coming back to their house every day. At times, he even refers to it as his home.

Who is in Charlie’s Role?

As Charlie, Dennis Quaid performs a superb job. He uses appropriate terms. Furthermore, we can tell he has mysteries in him right away thanks to his facial expressions. Yet it’s also interesting how he paints Charlie as a lovely guy. In this way, Quaid is able to effortlessly and subtly transition between these two sides of his personality.

Meagan Good as Annie and Michael Ealy as Scott only serve to further Quaid’s character in the film. They excel at this. Sincerely speaking, The Intruder is a story about Charlie, the Intruder. Every emotion he displayed, including his mental state, wrath, and apparent pleasantness, was excellent.

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Additionally, he silently observes Scott insulting him in the pub, and when he subsequently appears in front of Foxglove, it appears as though he is not intentionally meddling in their lives. He only wants to take care of or have his house taken care of. He took offense at Scott’s friend Mike tossing a cigarette butt onto the grass. The removal of Scott’s artwork from the drawing room didn’t sit well with him. And he didn’t appreciate Scott lighting up the house with security lights. His house was only sold because he needed the cash, and all these changes manifested themselves as an intruder.

Is Charlie A Predator?

One query will, however, be raised by many viewers. Instead, it won’t be out of the ordinary for them to ask. Is Charlie a sexual predator, then? Even though we may try to convince ourselves that this behavior of his was specifically meant toward Annie, we know in the back of our minds that it would have occurred to any other female.

Intruder Movie

It didn’t have to be this way, though. He simply becomes less menacing and much more like any other stray intruder as a result. This damages his reputation.

The Compulsion That Persists

Does Charlie long for a wife’s affection? Does he long for a daughter’s love? He most likely does, to be honest. And as Annie is the only woman he communicates with, both urges take Annie’s form. But none of this alters the fact that he is a serial killer and a pathological liar, as his daughter Cassidy points out. And it was destiny that he would die at the hands of the people who lived in his own home.

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The outcome was just what we had anticipated. He would attempt to murder his housemates but would ultimately perish. The narrative might have had a more satisfying conclusion if it had been the other way around or if he had at had survived. The Intruder, however, is currently a one-time watch. If you enjoy thrillers, you’ll be happy to know that the Intruder is solely responsible for what little excellent there is.