Will There Be Interstellar 2?- Everything We Know So Far!


David Mudd

Hey reader! If you are a science-fiction movie fan, then you are at the right place! Yes, because today we have one of the most talked about movies in the town Interstellar 2. And not only a sci-fi, but it also is an adventurous journey. After the first part of the movie, fans are curious to know about Interstellar 2. Are you ready to know about the latest developments for the movie?

A few questions have been making rounds on the internet- Will there be a sequel to the movie? Or Interstellar 2 is cancelled? Don’t worry! We have got you. In this article, we have gathered all the details about the movie Interstellar 2 that you would not like to miss. 

But before we move with the details on the sequel in this article, let us take a short look at the original movie Interstellar. Keep reading till the end, and we will not disappoint you. 

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About The Movie- Interstellar

Interstellar is a Science- Fiction adventure film that made its debut in the year 2014, with director and co-writer Christopher Nolan on board. The film features a story where a group of space explorers travelling through a wormhole in space, precisely near Saturn in order to ensure the survival of humanity because humanity is struggling to live.

 Interstellar 2It is believed that screenwriter Jonathan Nolan worked on the script of the movie Interstellar for almost four years (And therefore the script contains actual facts and figures). Principal photography started on the 6th of August, 2013 and concluded within a period of four months. 

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Quick Info About The Movie- Interstellar

Directed By: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama

Written By: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan

Edited By: Lee Smith

Cinematography: Hoyte van Hoytema

Composer: Hans Zimmer

Production Designer: Nathan Cowley

Produced By: Emma Thomas, Lynda Obst, Christopher Nolan

Production Companies: Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Syncopy

Filming Locations: Iceland, Alberta, Los Angeles

Distributed By: Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures 

Release Date: 26th of October, 2014

Running Time: 169 minutes

Interstellar 2: Release Date

We know how the fans are curiously expecting the second part of Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction movie, isn’t it? So, here comes the most anticipated answer, whether or not Interstellar 2 is going to happen. Let us find out.

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Interstellar has proved to be one of the best sci-fi movies ever made, and it is obvious that viewers would want more of such amazing on-screen content. But as per the latest developments, Christopher Nolan has not decided anything about the sequel, which indicates that Interstellar 2 is not happening. 

 Interstellar 2

 This is disappointing for the fans because they highly expected the movie to return, but it looks like the Nolan brothers want to keep the iconic conclusion of the film as an ultimate result of Interstellar even though there could be a lot of scope for Interstellar 2. On that note, it would be fair to say that there will be no more of Interstellar 2

Interstellar 2- Why Is The Movie Not Happening?

Well, Christopher Nolan remained immensely tight-lipped to drop any information about Interstellar 2, so there is no news as to the reasons for the movie not happening. But looking at the perfectly satisfying ending of the story of Interstellar, with no untied knots left, it would be a tough job to continue the plot line. And sometimes it is better left at its best, isn’t it? 

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Interstellar- Who Were On The Sets of The Movie?

The movie Interstellar features a very talented and renowned cast crew. Here is the list of all the important cast and characters for the movie. Let us take a look at them below: 

  • Matthew McConaughey stars as Joseph Cooper.
  • Anne Hathway stars as Dr. Amelia Brand.
  • Mackenzie Foy stars as 10-year-old Murph.
  • Jessica Chastain stars as Murph.
  • Ellen Burstyn stars as the older Murph.
  • John Lithgow stars as Donald.
  • Timothee Chalamet stars as the young Tom.
  • Casey Affleck stars as Tom Cooper
  • Collette Wolfe stars as Ms. Hanley.
  • David Oyelowo stars as School Principal.
  • Francis X. McCarthy stars as Boots
  • Michael Caine stars as Professor John Brand.
  • David Gyasi stars as Romilly.
  • Wes Bentley stars as Doyle.  
  • Matt Damon stars as Mann
  • William Devane stars as Williams.
  • Bill Irwin is the voice of TARS
  • Josh Stewart is the voice of CASE

Interstellar 2: Trailer

As we know there is no official announcement on Interstellar 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for the season first of Interstellar below.

Summing It Up

Interstellar 2 is not happening as of now, and also it seems that there are no plans for a second part in the future. The first part of the movie has created history on its own, and it feels like watching the movie, again and again, right? If you have not watched Interstellar yet, then this science-fiction movie is definitely a movie to watch, otherwise, you are missing out on something great!

That was all that we had to offer for Interstellar 2. We hope it was helpful. You can stream the first part of the movie only on Netflix. But before you do, tell us about your views and thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. Till then, happy reading!