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Interceptor is an action-drama movie that will come out in 2022. It was written by Matthew Reilly and Stuart Beattie, and it will be directed by Matthew Reilly. Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey are in the movie.

It’s about terrorists who want to use stolen missiles to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. When terrorists attack a remote offshore missile interceptor platform that could stop their missiles, an officer (Pataky) defends the facility with courage and ingenuity.

Interceptor: Plot

The US has two sites where nuclear warhead interceptors can be launched. The first, Fort Greely in Alaska, is attacked by unknown attackers who are likely members of a terrorist group. At the same time, 16 nuclear warheads are taken from Russian territory.

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The second site is a platform in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is very far away. Captain J. J. Collins was recently moved to the second site for launching interceptor missiles. After a high-profile case ended in which she reported sexual misconduct by one of her superiors, she was hazed, bullied, and threatened by her military peers as payback. This is why she was sent to this remote station.


Collins is part of the last line of defence after the hostile takeover of Fort Greely. She is under the command of Lt. Colonel Marshall and works with Baker and Shah in the command centre of the station. A small group of operatives led by an ex-military intelligence soldier named Kessel breaks into the station and kills Marshall and the other people there.

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Only Collins, Shah, and Baker, who was hit by a stray bullet and unconscious, are left alive in the command centre. The spies try to talk their way into the command centre so they can disable the interceptor system and use the sixteen stolen nuclear warheads to attack the continental US.

But they are turned away, so they try to force their way in with blowtorches. Baker wakes up and reveals that he was working for the infiltrators all along. He did this because he wanted a big payoff and didn’t like people from other places. He then held Collins and Shah at gunpoint and let Kessel and the other operatives take over.

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Kessel takes over a live feed and streams his manifesto online. In it, he talks about all the bad things that have happened in the history of the United States, names the sixteen cities that should be destroyed, and tells the terrorist group to launch the nukes right away.

 Kessel goes to plan B and starts the station’s scuttling procedure. If he can’t take control of the station, he wants to sink it. As the station starts to sink, Shah volunteers to jump through the floor hatch to the water below and manually re-engage the station’s hatches.


This will slow down the station’s sinking so that the interceptors can still launch and destroy the warheads when they pass through the airspace above. Shah does win, but Baker kills him.

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Collins decides to take a risky gamble by hiding in the command centre and letting Kessel, Baker, and the other henchmen take over and disable the seemingly empty centre. Her trick works, and Baker goes to check on the roof of the station to find and kill her.

Collins can kill the last bad guy quietly while Kessel leaves the room. Collins takes a laptop to the roof and plugs it in, hoping to use this method to launch the interceptor missiles by hand. Kessel had already called in a Russian submarine to pick up the team of operatives.


He finds Collins just as she successfully launches the interceptor missiles, with only a fraction of a second left before the nukes would have crossed the point of interception. Since his plan didn’t work, he fights with Collins, who beats and subdues him just as the Russian submarine comes up from the water. Two Russians come out of the submarine tower, but instead of shooting Collins, they shoot Kessel. The Russian Captain then salutes Collins and leaves.

Collins gets better after her ordeal in the hospital, and the US president gives her a promotion for her hard work. She also gets a visit from her father, who was saved by friends who saw him in trouble on the live broadcast. He comforts her about Shah’s death.

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Cast of Interceptor

Captain J.J. Collins is played by Elsa Pataky, Alexander Kessel is played by Luke Bracey, Beaver Baker is played by Aaron Glenane, and Corporal Rahul Shah is played by Mayen Mehta. Lt. Col. Clark Marshall was played by Rhys Muldoon. Belinda Jombwe as Ensign Washington, Marcus Johnson as General Dyson, Colin Friels as Frank Collins, Zoe Carides as President Wallace, and many others.

Release: Interceptor

Interceptor came out on Netflix around the world on June 3, 2022. Plans were made to show the movie in theatres in Australia in 2021, but they didn’t work out. Instead, the movie had a short run in theatres in Australia on May 26, 2022, a week before it came out on Netflix everywhere else.