Intelius Rview: Pros, Cons, Price and More


Mohit Kamboj

Right now, there are many ways to make new friends, explore romantic interests, or find housemates online. These methods don’t require any prior context or genuine social connection. It’s important to be cautious when meeting new people online because there are risks involved.

To gain more certainty, you can use a reliable background check provider such as Intelius to perform an internet background check. In recent years, online background checks have gained popularity, and Intelius is considered one of the top options.

Intelius was created in 2003 by a team of executives who used to work at Infospace, a now-closed private search engine in Seattle, Washington. Afterwards, it purchased a few background-check companies, including Bothell and Family Builder, in order to grow its business.

Intelius has been given excellent ratings by the Better Business Bureau since 2021. This review of Intelius explains how helpful the company was for users. It will help you decide if it meets your needs.

Intelius Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
●      There are many options available for subscription costs and plans.

●       Results that load quickly when searching.

●       User-friendly interface.

●       A detailed compilation of information.

●       Apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS.

●      The reports are not complete.

●      Customer service hours are limited.

●      The pricing is not clear.

Things to Consider When Buying a Background Check Report

Before buying a subscription or one-time exam, be sure your background check data is reliable and useful. It should go beyond Google searches. Additionally, you should ensure that your background check membership is worth the cost.

Make sure it has unlimited searches and fast results. When searching for a long-lost relative, acquaintance, or lover, a background check can be helpful. Most background check customers receive information on former and present addresses, businesses, schools, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Features & Benefits

Membership or one-time background check reports offer numerous features. We examined Intelius for you to better grasp its offerings. As someone who hasn’t done many background checks, you may wonder if a service is worth it. Since its founding over 15 years ago, Intelius has provided clients with reliable background checks. Another issue with a background company is whether Google has the data.

Intelius provides information not on Google or easily accessible. Additionally, it facilitates search by integrating data from multiple sources, including public records. Intelius isn’t good for hiring or apartment screening. You require an FCRA-compliant background check for those searches.

Ricing and Cost

Intelius offers various subscriptions and prices. Pay per search for one background check. Pay-per-searches from Intelius:

People Search on Intelius

Intelius offers a search solution called People Search. It is their basic option and is priced at less than $1 for a single search. However, if you don’t cancel within seven days of signing up, you will be automatically enrolled in the Premier Plus subscription. You can use Intelius’ People Search option to learn more about someone’s past. It’s easy to use. The search looks for information about the person’s age, date of birth, where they currently live and where they used to live, their email addresses, social media accounts, their family members, their job, and their educational history.

Enter a name, state, phone number, or address to find someone. This Intelius package is great for Tinder dates or long-lost friends because searches are anonymous.

Reverse Phone Lookups

Another $1 search option is Intelius’ Reverse Phone Lookup, however there may be a monthly subscription. Users must enter a 10-digit phone number to reverse phone lookup. An reverse phone lookup may reveal the firm or person associated with the phone number, as well as their name, address, and other personal information.

If you often get unexpected calls from numbers you don’t recognize, this information can be really useful because it helps you find out who is calling you. You can also use reverse phone lookups to search for information about mobile phones, landlines, and business phone numbers.

Reverse Address Lookup With Intelius

If you often get unexpected phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize, this information can be really useful because it helps you find out who is calling you. You can also use reverse phone lookups to find information about mobile phones, landlines, and business phone numbers.

Reverse Address Lookup is a process that helps you find information about a house. This includes details like the location of the house, the history of its owners, previous residents, neighbors, the value of the property, records of property taxes, and even the layout of the floors. You can also use this report to find out about the history of property prices.

Background Check

The Background Check from Intelius is a very detailed report that costs $39.95. If you need to find a new roommate, an internet date, or a long-lost relative, this option is better than using People Search or the Criminal Record Search.

The background check report provides information about a person’s exact location, residence, age, criminal history, bankruptcy information, marriage or divorce information, and court records. This search can help you avoid dealing with people who tried to deceive their partners.

Identity Check Services

You can also use Intelius for identity verification. People who visit or subscribe to these databases may use the information in different ways, but it is still the same product or service.

Many landlords and employers rely on third-party agencies to conduct background checks on new workers or renters. Intelius is a useful tool for checking your personal history and notifying you about any potential issues.

Is Intelius Legit?

Intelius is a highly popular background check service in the industry right now. Before using the company’s services, it’s important to do some research. Take the time to read through the company’s terms of service and privacy policy. This is just like what you would do with any other business that deals with your personal information. Is Intelius a legitimate company? We hope this article has made it easier for you to decide and make an informed choice about whether or not to use it.