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Intel: Tiger Lake Laptop CPU To Roll Out This Year- Would This Be A Worthy Competitor To AMD Ryzen 4000?


David Mudd

There is the latest update for all the techno-geeks out there. The word is that Intel Tiger Lake Laptop chip sets will roll out this year. And there is nothing better than that. These chip sets have been under the making for some time now.

Also, they are expected to perform extremely well in the market. But can we be too sure about this? Or is this another presumption. Also, will these chip sets be able to compete with AMD Rayzen? There are so many questions that hover our minds after this.

But we can’t find the answer to each one of them right now. However, it seems like there isn’t much wait now. So stick around to find all that we know about it.

Tiger Lake Chip sets Will Come This Year

After we were unsure as to when the chip-sets will launch, CEO Bob Swan has cleared the air. He has explained that the market will have these notebooks very soon. So you don’t have to wait so much. Now you just have to wait till the holidays.


And then you will have these chip sets. This can be very huge for Intel. Now, these designs are about 40% larger than the previous ones. And the firm is sure about its performance. They have explained that many makers have demanded these chips.

Also, the firm is ready will a lot of chips in its reserve for manufacturing.

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More About Them (Intel)

Tiger Lake is going to impact the market a lot. It will create quite an uproar in the field of technology. So watch out for that. After Ice Lake, this project is going to be another time when Intel surprises customers.

Now Ice Lake launch was quite a disappointment. And we are expecting that nothing of this sort occurs now. The 10nm process is now even more refined. Also, the architecture of the chip is very intricate. It shows better performance.

Also, the graphics font is better than the counterpart. Also, these chips are amazing even for the budget based laptops.


What Else To Know?

This chip set will be better than AMD Ryzen. It is expected to be about 5% faster than it. Also, this is going to be an Intel chip. So there is a lot of security that comes with it.

It is going to be provided to you very soon. So you can try it hands-on and feel the difference. For Intel, this news is very huge.