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Intel: Intel Comet Lake-S Is Finally Here To Compete With AMD Ryzen Processors

The last processor entry from Intel was Coffee Lake Refresh launched in October 2018. Core i9-9900K and i7-9700K came at that time. Then it all went silent and there were no announcements about a new processor from Intel in 2019. At last, that silence is broken with the Comet Lake S. This will be the best ever processor produced by them featuring 10-cores along with boost clocks up to5.3GHz.

A 10-core, 20-thread chip Intel Core i9-10900K leads the Comet Lake-S. Besides, it comes with a max turbo boost of 5.3GHz. There is a huge improvement when comes to TDP. It has a 125W TDP and previously it was 95W of Intel Core i9-9900K.

More Improvements in Comet Lake-S lineup (Intel)


The new Comet Lake-S lineup is full of excellent upgrades. It includes increased cores, threads, and turbo speeds. From the whole lineup, there is a special one that gives much higher specs in just $374. It is Core i7-10700K which offers 8 cores and 16 threads with a 5.1 GHz turbo along with the massive 125W TDP.

List of Main Core Products (None of them contain Integrated Graphics)

  • Core i3 10100
  • Core i3 10300
  • Core i3 10320
  • Core i5 10400
  • Core i5 10500
  • Core i5 10600
  • Core i5 10600K
  • Core i7 10700
  • Core i7 10700K
  • Core i9 10900
  • Core i9 10900K

Even the Intel Core i5-10600K has a 125W TDP available. After all, you will need an upgraded cooling system for sure. Because increased power typically leads to increased heat. Besides, a thinner level of silicon ie used by Intel to combat the added thermal load. Besides, the soldered thermal interface solution is also back this time. Theoretically, it reduces the temperature on the board.

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