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Instagram: Instagram Adds DM Feature On PC

Instagram is always a featuring app and website to be an active social media person. Nearly more than one billion users it gained. Facebook-owned Instagram is used widely for sharing photos, videos, and many more. The app already added a feature to have a direct message on mobile apps. this new creation got wide popularity.

Now, it is ready to add the DIRECT MESSAGE feature to the PC. Yes, Instagram is going to have a Direct message feature for PC users or the website.

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Instagram New Feature For PC: Direct Message

So, the new application for Desktop users makes them share pics, videos and can make groups chat with. It is no what different from Mobile App. But, how to have this application on PC? And one can make it in use?

For this, just follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, one should have an account on Instagram, without it how you think to use it!!
  2. Secondly, you need to have a Google Chrome, Safari browsers to open the web page of it.
  3. The webpage of Instagram is
  4. And then next, go to the web page of Instagram where you need to log in as by an  user or Facebook user.
  5. Here, where you landed on an Instagram webpage on your PC. Now, it is easy and known steps to land on this page. Then how can one go with Direct Message? For that, we will notice a DM application added to your webpage, which is quite similar to the mobile app.
  6. So, this is how the DM application can be located. But, how can we place a message to someone?
  7. Simple, just click on DM and select the person or respond or contact to send the message by just simply clicking it.
  8. So, the last step, go with the send messages to the person you want to and enjoy the new creation and application of it.


This new application and feature on the webpage add more fame to this and for sure it makes many more users on its list.

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