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Instagram And Facebook: Adds New Features To Help Local Businesses


David Mudd

Many businesses are in serious threat because of the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak. So, Facebook is planning to add a handful of features. These features are to get the latest updates about your local businesses. Besides, users can show some support for those who deal with the crisis and their business together.

Facebook Business Nearby

A new section called Business Nearby allows the user to see the local businesses running in their localities. Also, they can adjust the area limit if needed from 1 mile to 500 miles. After all, the purpose of the section is that the users can view those businesses’ current working hours and pick up or delivery options. Users can also book a product or send them a message too.

Facebook describes this as a  quick and helpful way to find essential things especially in this kind of situation. Beyond everything, this will keep the local small businesses ongoing without interruption. And an uninterrupted economy is important to regain the normal life among the people.

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Support Small Business Sticker (Or Hashtag) In Instagram

Instagram users also can show their love and support to their local businesses. It is a sticker that can be used in the stories like the Stay Home sticker that came at the time of the initial stage of safe distancing. When a user uses the “Support Small Business” sticker on the Instagram stories with the business you are supporting. It will be added to the same kind of highlighted stories. People will find out those firms through the stories.

A hashtag #SupportSmallBusiness also can be used for the same purpose. The social media giant also added a special business message section in its messenger application. It will be more helpful for small businesses to contact their customers.

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