Inside Jokes Season 2 Release Date: When Will The Awaited Comedy Series Returns!


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Comedy fans are eagerly waiting for the Inside Jokes Season 2 release date. Inside Jokes is just a series about the audition of one of the most famous comedy series Just for Laugh. Season 1 say saw wonderful comedians who wanted to pave their way to one the biggest comedy show ever. The hard work and determination of the aspiring comedians can be seen in the series.

Release Date Of Inside Jokes Season 2

The first season of “Inside Jokes” made its debut on November 30, 2018. All episodes were released simultaneously and lasted for roughly 50 minutes each. As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the show’s renewal for a second season. However, given Amazon’s considerable investment in the realm of stand-up comedy, it is a surprise the show didn’t get picked up for another season.

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The first season of “Inside Jokes” dives at the successes and failures of seven promising comics. It included JC Currais, Rosebud Baker, Robert Dean, Kellen Erskine, Simon Gibson, Alzo Slade, and Daphnique Springs. 

Cast Of Inside Jokes

  • JC is an energetic and edgy comedian who has become a crowd favorite. He has faced years of struggles and setbacks but has worked hard to make a living performing at various comedy shows
  • Rosebud is an accomplished writer and stand-up comic, having appeared on various platforms such as Seriously TV, SeeSo, SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Radio, and Fox’s Red Eye w/ Tom Shiloue
  • Robert moved to New York from Connecticut to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. After struggling for ten years, he established himself in the New York City comedy scene but still dreamed of performing at Just for Laughs.
  • Kellen is a comedian known for his quick wit and subdued style. He often performs at small comedy shows in the city and has appeared on Conan.
  • Simon is a comedian who improvises his comedy on stage, which has made him a favorite of the audience.
  • Alzo aims to share his everyday observations and make people laugh and think and sees Just for Laughs as the perfect stage to reach more people. 
  • Springs aspires to become the best female comedian and believes that Just for Laughs is the key to achieving her dream with her smart, sassy comedy routine.

Inside Jokes Season 2 release date

These comedians had a true passion for their business, and their diverse backgrounds show their unrelenting dedication to making it big in the cutthroat world of stand-up comedy. For now, we don’t know who will participate in the second season of the comedy series Inside Jokes, in case it returns.

Premise Of Inside Jokes

 “Inside Jokes” takes us on a journey from the conception of each joke to the delivery that elicits the best possible reaction from the crowd. In the first episode, we meet a group of LA comics, including JC Currais, Simon Gibson, and MK, who share a zany comedic style and perform on the same circuits. 

Recap Of Inside Jokes Season 1

The journey of aspiring comedians from LA and New York as they audition for the biggest and most famous career-making Comedy Festivals of all time, Just for Laughs held in Montreal, is documented in Inside Jokes. The series provides a glimpse into the early lives of the contestants and their auditions for Just for Laughs.

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Initially, the comics struggle with their insecurities to deliver a confident performance on stage. To perfect their six-minute bit, they frequent clubs night after night in their ascent to fame and fortune. Finally, they present their bits before the judges who decide their fates, leading up to their performance on the most prestigious stage of their lives.

Spoiler For Inside Jokes Season 2

There is no update about the second season release. We can’t expect what will happen in the series. So, for now, we don’t have any spoilers. But we expect the same background and premise as was in the first season

Review And Rating Of Inside Jokes 

The characters are adorable and the episodes are well-crafted, building to a pleasing conclusion in which viewers can experience the comics’ final performances. The absence of surface drama adds to the show’s appeal.

Inside Jokes Season 2 release date

Inside Jokes is a well-written and engrossing show that conveys the thrilling and fantastic experience of performing on stage. The show received an 8 out of 10 rating from the critic.

Where To Watch Inside Jokes?

The Amazon Prime original series “Inside Jokes” tracks up-and-coming comedians as they compete to be selected for the prestigious Just for Laughs comedy festival. To watch the show, visit the video catalog on Amazon.com in the United States.


The Amazon Prime series “Inside Jokes” documents the journey of aspiring stand-up comedians who are trying to secure a spot in the highly acclaimed Just for Laughs comedy festival held in Montreal. These hopeful comedians are based in both Los Angeles and New York, and the series captures their efforts to be selected for the New Faces showcase at the festival.

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