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Inside Job Season 2 Release Date: Confirmed or Not?

Are you waiting for the Netflix adult animated comedy drama by Alex Hirsch for its second season or part 2? If yes, then you came at the right place to know everything about this drama for its new season as deal is confirmed to release 20 episodes and till this time we only got 10 episodes in part 1 of this adult series which simply means we are still left with 10 more episodes to watch but when, we don’t know at this moment.

The show is a hit on Netflix and it is the first adult series to be aired by Netflix which is created in-house at Netflix Animation Studios with the help of Netflix.

Inside Job cartoon or animated series earned positive reviews when the drama released on Netflix on October 22, 2021 and this is a review note given by San Francisco Chronicle’s “It’s emotionally wise and sincere, and completely bonkers in a fre-associative way [..] but it absolutely works”. The series launched its first season or first part and now all are waiting to watch the second part of this animated drama.

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Let’s move forward to know its release date, cast, plot and trailer.

Inside Job Season 2 or Part 2: Release Date

Inside Job Season 2

If you are searching for the release date of the new season then Netflix has not announced yet about its season 2 release date officially. But all are waiting and expecting that it will come soon because there is a deal to make 20 episodes and it was announced with the help of the Hollywood Reporter.

According to them it was reported that the first season will come with 20 episodes but if we check we only got 10 episodes on October 22, 2021 and we only got part 1 of Inside Job indicates that the next 10 new episodes are on the way to come or in the production process.

But nothing is confirmed as no official announcement is made from the side of the streaming platform or creators about new season episodes.

Inside Job Season 2 Cast Members

No cast members are confirmed for the season but we are hoping that part 1 cast members or voice actors will return to reprise their roles in new part of Inside Job and they are-


  • Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley.
  • Christian Slater as Randy Ridley.
  • Clark Duke as Brett Hand.
  • Tisha Campbell as Gigi Thompson.
  • Andrew Daly as J.R.Scheimpough.
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Robotus.
  • John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman.
  • Bobby Lee as Dr. Andre.
  • Brett Gelman as Magic Myc.

Along with these cast members you can also see many new faces who may give their voice to the characters of Inside Job.

Producer of the show Alex Hirsch will likely return because he gave his voice to many of the characters.

Inside Job Season 2: Plot

Nothing is cleared about the exact plot of season 2 but all are expecting that the show will continue from where the first season ended.

This animated story follows a top secret company known as Cognito Inc. who handles lots or things of the government organisation and saves people from digital frauds.

Inside Job Season 2

Cartoons or characters in this company are aware of this fact that these conspiracies are true and members include Regan played by Lizzy Caplan, Randy Ridley played by Christian Slater, Brett Hand, Gigi and they always try to protect the world from these conspiracies as they know about it and save everyone.

Regan, the daughter of Randy, follows the footsteps of her father and gets into trouble in her dad’s company.

But this time she has to share her work with new employer Brett. The story ends on focusing on Regan and her workers who wanted to track down a spy in the agency who puts the complete organisation into danger by breaking the securities.

In the finale episode Reagan is remembering her password which she forgets.

So, we are expecting that the second season will start where the first one ends.

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Inside Job Season 2: Trailer

As there is no official trailer for the Inside Job season 2 but you can enjoy its season 1 trailer which is given below-


Inside Job Series is a good animated series which earned 7.7 ratings on IMDb out of 10 with decrease in its popularity.

Its episode no. 1 and 2 are highly rated episodes on IMDb and if you want to know more about the latest show then stay connected with and also read other animated series on our website.

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