Innocent Season 3: Will It Be Back On ITV Again?


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Richard Clark is the director of the British anthology streaming series “Innocent Season 3,” which has so far been released for two seasons back-to-back with an episode count of 8 with episodes lasting roughly an hour each.

Matthew Arlidge and Chris Lang’s television show has they are both executive producers for the ITV series “Innocent,” which made its debut on May 14th, 2018, along with Jeremy Gwilt.

On May 20, 2021, the second season of ITV’s Innocent came to an end. Season 2, which debuted three years after the first episode, had captivated viewers.

innocent season3

But will viewers have Innocent season 3 to look forward to once series 2 concludes?

ITV’s Innocent Season 2

ITV premiered Season 2 of Innocent in May, 2021.

The second season, which was broadcast over four evenings, has a new cast of characters and relates the tale of Sally Wright, a lady who was erroneously found guilty of killing Matty, a young boy who was stabbed with a broken cider bottle.

The mystery series centers on Sally Wright, a former English teacher who has served a five-year jail sentence for a murder she didn’t commit. Matty, a pupil of Sally’s, is discovered dead from a cider bottle stab wound.

Sally is under suspicion since she acknowledged having a special interest in the problematic youngster. Despite having no prior convictions and no violent history, Sally was found guilty by a majority vote and given a minimum 15-year prison term.

She is cleared of all charges after new information surfaces that shows she was not present at the scene of the incident. She is now adamant about taking back her life and assisting the police in finding Matty’s killer.

innocent season 3

Cast of Season Three

The two seasons of the show have a total of a variety of characters, and it is anticipated that if the show is renewed for a third season, a whole new cast of performers would be cast.

For the first season of the show, the roles of David Collins, Phil Collins, Jack Collins, Rosie Collins, Rob Moffatt, and Tom Wilson were played by Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Fionn O’Shea, Eloise Webb, Adrian Rawlins, Elliot Cowan, and others.

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Whereas, the characters of Sally Wright, Bethany, Sam Wright, John Taylor, and Maria Taylor are played by Katherine Kelly, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Jamie Bamber, Andrew Tiernan, Lucy Black, and others in Season 2, which premiered on May 17.

Katherine Kelly Played by  Sally Wright.

Sally Wright, who? a teacher of English who was wrongfully jailed five years ago for the death of Matty, a student with whom it was claimed she had a sexual relationship.

At the start of the series, she is freed after fresh information surfaces exonerating her of the crime. She is now determined to regain control over her life, reputation, work, and marriage to Sam (who divorced her two years into her prison sentence).

Where have I previously seen Katherine Kelly? She recently portrayed DI Karen Renton in Liar and Leah in the TV series Cheat. She currently portrays a lead detective in the Netflix original series Criminal.

She has also starred in the films Mr. Selfridge, Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley, The Night Manager, and Him. Played by Jamie Bamber is Sam Wright.

So who is Sam?

Sam, Sally’s ex-husband, is soon to become the stepfather to her troubled teen Bethany and has just announced his engagement to Karen, an older local woman and former family acquaintance.

He is overcome with shame and regret once Sally’s identity is cleared and she is let out of jail.

Storyline of Season Three

The central conflict of season one centers on Tara’s death, for which her husband was found guilty but was ultimately cleared through legal technology after serving seven years in prison.

The show keeps track of what happens in order to uncover the truth about who killed Tara, which ultimately exposed her own sister Alice to be the real killer and the person in charge of Tara and David’s children as well as David’s younger brother, Phil.

Whereas, Season 2 centers on the savage killing of 16-year-old Matthew Taylor in the Quiet Lake area, as well as how the accused, who had previously served five years in prison, was eventually found to be innocent and released.

Is Innocent Promising Season 3?

If Innocent will return for season 3 has not yet been revealed.

Given that season 2’s last episode has not yet aired, this is hardly surprising.

As of now, there are no plans in place for season three.

It may be a few months before ITV announces another run of the popular show because season one debuted in May 2018 and the next series wasn’t announced until September.

Innocent season 3

Fans may have to wait a while for word on a third instalment because it took ITV more than two years to reveal Innocent’s second season.

After season 1 of Innocent premiered in May 2018 and was announced for season 2 in September 2020, the second season finally debuted three years later in May 2021.

Update on Renewal & Release Date

The answer is not yet!

However, if the show is renewed in the near future, one shouldn’t anticipate it to air any earlier than 2024 because, according to the show’s historical trends, season 2 usually airs three years after season 1.

When we receive an official update for this series, which we have been monitoring, we will update every single update.

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Will There Be a Third Season of Innocent?

Chris Lang explores the likelihood of a third season of Innocent. Katherine Kelly played a teacher accused of killing a student in the second season. Chris Lang, the show’s creator, said he believes the ITV murder investigation “will be a returning series,” with a third season possibly in the works.

Is the Tv Show Innocent Based on a True Story?

Although there isn’t just one true story that inspired Innocent, there are dozens. The real-life events that Chris Lang and Matt Arlidge used as inspiration for their screenplays appear to be varied.

Who is Matt Played by in the Innocent?

In the opening scene of The Innocent, young law student Mat (played by Mario Casas, who most recently received the Goya Award for Best Actor for his performance in David Victori’s Cross the Line) describes the one night that altered him forever. Mat and his brother Isma are out drinking (Jordi Coll).