Infinity War’s Scarlet Witch Ending Plan Would’ve Been a Big MCU Mistake!


Saloni Singh

 The Scarlet Witch nearly did not return to the MCU following punishers perpetuity War, which would have burgled cult of her important character bow. Wanda Maximoff was first introduced in 2015’s punishers Age of Ultron, and snappily rose to fashionability thanks to her powers and a strong performance from Elizabeth Olsen.

After perpetuity War, Elizabeth Olsen had the option to leave the MCU. Thankfully, she chose to stay, and the MCU is all the better for it.

Wanda ultimately fell in love with Vision, a synthezoid played by Paul Bettany introduced in the same film. After perpetuity War, Olsen had fulfilled her original MCU contract, and had the option to walk down, or keep playing the character.

Luckily she chose to stay, returning in punishers Endgame and the Scarlet Witch nearly took down Thanos by herself with her inviting power.

When she was brought back to life in Endgame, Wanda was driven by the rage of losing her nut to Thanos. She helped wage war against him, showing just how truly frighting the Scarlet Witch can be. While she did not get important development beyond that in Endgame, the loss she suffered would go on to change her character ever.

Olsen chose to continue playing the character after Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios, pitched her the conception for WandaVision. The show had an extremely heavy focus on loss, and the process of grief, which noway would have come to consummation had Olsen walked down from the MCU and the Scarlet Witch stayed dead after perpetuity War.

Scarlet Witch Ending Plan Would've Been A Big MCU Mistake

Why MCU Phase 4 Demanded Scarlet (& WandaVision)?

 The MCU Phase 4 has explored a wider range of tones, themes, and characters than ever ahead. WandaVision was the perfect launch to this, exploring a much more emotional plot, introducing a new generation of icons , and showcasing the history of popular television from 1950- 2021.

show was extremely weird compared to the rest of the MCU, and a sign of effects to come for Marvel, particularly on Disney. The Scarlet Witch was the perfect character to try all of these generalities, with her setup after losing Vision.

The show’s success also proved Marvel was on the right track by shifting down from substantially action- acquainted content, which helped encourage other experimental Phase 4 systems.

 By introducing her halves Billy and Tommy in WandaVision, the MCU has opened the door to the Young punishers. This platoon hasn’t been introduced to the MCU just yet, but by having Wanda’s children parade superpowers, it could be coming soon, especially with several other Phase 4 systems introducing youngish icons for a new generation.

However, also the Scarlet Witch could have a profound impact on the future of the MCU, having introduced the first two members of a brand-new superhero platoon, If this comes true.

Infinity War's Scarlet Witch Ending Plan Would've Been A Big MCU Mistake

Will Scarlet Witch Return in the MCU’s Future?

 Following WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and becomes the film’s antagonist.

In the WandaVisionpost-credits scene, Wanda is seen studying the Darkhold, a book of dark magic, while rehearsing her Chaos Magic. ultimately, she realizes the error of her ways, destroying the Darkhold’s last remaining dupe and herself along with it, with Doctor Strange 2 putatively spelling the end of the Scarlet Witch in the MCU.