Industry Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Latest News About It?


Aditi Deshinge

Industry Season 2 is a banking drama. In this season young bankers are partying just hard as possible and at the same time, they are proving their worth at Pierpoint & Co.

The industry is a British American Television show and it is created by Mickey Down and Konard Kay. The first season of the show debuted on 9th November 2020 on HBO in the United States. And it was released on 10th November 2020 on BBC Two in the United Kingdom.

industry season 2

The show is renewed for its second season now and recently premiered on television.

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What is the Plot of Industry Season 3?

The industry show revolves around a group of young graduates who compete with each other for a limited set of permanent positions at a prestigious investment bank in London. The name of the Investment bank in this show is Pierpoint & Co.

The first season of the series explore graduates from all walks of life and they compete for Pierpoint’s limited set of full-time employment opportunity.

The share market is playing up now and also the trading room is now more charged and intense. So it is incredible to see how will work people Robert Spearing, Harper Stern, and rich girl Yasmin Kara-Hanani as gay old Estonia Gus Sackey cope with it all.

industry season 2

These characters were present in the first season of Industry and we loved them all. But now in season 2, these characters will not hide behind their graduate status for a longer time. Now they are expected to perform as full-fledged investment bankers at Pierpoint &Co.

Some new faces will join the previous investment bankers in Industry season 2. So read out the whole article to get to know about Industry season 2.

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What is the Release Date of Industry Season 2?

Industry Season 2 is launched on HBO Max in the United States on 1st August 2022 at 9pm E.T. we still don’t know when the show is going to launch on BBC one. Previously the show was launched on BBC 2 in the United Kingdom but now it’s switched to BBC 1.

We surely update you guys with the UK release dates of Industry Season 2.

Is There Availability of the Industry Season 2 Trailer?

Yes, there is a release of the official trailer of Industry Season 2 and honestly, it looks great. You can take a look at it in the following video.

Who is the Returning Cast in Industry Season 2?

In the second season of Industry, some familiar faces will come back at Pierpoint &Co. These familiar faces are as follows

  • Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing
  • Myhala Herrold as Harper Stern
  • Marisa Abela as Yasmin Kara-Hanani
  • David Jonsson as Etonian Gus Sackey.
  • Lost star Ken Leung as Eric Tao

Moreover, the Industry will have plenty of new casts that will join regulars. Alex Alomar Akpobome plays Danny Van Deventer, and indy Lewis plays Venetia Berens. She is Yasmin’s recruit on the Foreign Exchange sales Desk and Katrine De Candole plays the role of Celest Pacquet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Realistic is the Industry Show?

The portrayal of the grad schemes and competitive nature of banks for young graduates is shown pretty realistically. But there are so many scenes which contain fireable offences.

Where is the Filming of the Industry Tv Show Done?

The location for the filming of the Industry is Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom.

What is Pierpoint & Co.?

It’s an investment bank where five graduates compete with each other to get an entry-level position. The company is itself fictional.


Good news Guys! The Industry season 2 is now aired on HBO in the United States. So you can watch it and enjoy it. We will provide the release date of this season on BBC 1 as soon as we get any information regarding this. So stay connected with us.