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India’s Carbon Emissions Drop For The First Time In Four Decades


David Mudd

India’s carbon emissions drop for the first time in four decades due to the nationwide lockdown imposed by the Indian Government. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current status of the coronavirus in the country.

Status Of Coronavirus In India

India is performing quite well in dealing with the coronavirus. Moreover, the country’s virus growth rate is stabilizing. Also, the World Health Organisation and CDC have applauded India’s quick actions taken to deal with the coronavirus.

With the second most population in the world, India still has fewer coronavirus cases than the United States and other well-developed countries. Furthermore, the country has 70,756 cases to date.

22,455 people have recovered. However, 2293 people have died in India. The country follows strict lockdown with only essential services running. Moreover, the lockdown is still 17th May 2020. It may get extended based on the situation to that day.

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India Witnesses Drop-In Carbon Emissions

The Carbon emissions have dropped by 30m tons as of April 2020. Moreover, this is the first annual decline India has witnessed in four decades. Also, the demand for coal in the country has dropped massively.

Only 2% of coal deliveries take place as of April 2020. Moreover, coals and import sales have fallen as well. The coal sales fell by 10% and imports fell by 27.5%. More than half of the country’s manufacturing machinery has shut down.

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Reason Behind Fall In Carbon Emissions

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi imposed nationwide lockdown from 17th March onwards. Moreover, schools, colleges, offices, and all economic machinery have a shutdown. Only essential services are operational at the time.

With no activities going on, productivity and manufacturing have also stopped or reduced. Therefore, the pollution level has fallen. As a result, we are seeing the Carbon emission falling drastically.