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Indiana: Stay-At-Home Extended Till May 1, Indiana Reports Record Number Of Cases On Thursday

The coronavirus has hit every country in a very strong manner and in Indiana. It is quite frightening how it manages to spread so quickly everywhere. Since no vaccine is proof enough to cure the virus, every authority is stressing on social distancing and maintaining hygiene.

In this way, you can prevent infection from the virus. Also, the spread of the virus can be controlled. There have been a great number fo people that acquired the virus lately. This has caused everyone to be in a state of trauma and panic.

Indiana is also hit severely by the virus. The coronavirus has caused a record number of infected victims in the place lately. So the government has found its way to deal with such a situation. Read more to find about the situation and the way it is dealt with.

What Is Happening In Indiana?

Indiana is facing a major outbreak of the novel coronavirus right now. Lately, it has had a record number of cases. With more than 10000 cases positive, this has caused a lot of fear. Everyone must stay safe and practice all safety regulations. The place has suffered more than 500 deaths due to the virus.

And it is not the end. These numbers are increasing constantly. And this can be disastrous. The government reports are constantly updating the citizens about the number of cases. There has been an addition of about 642 cases recently in the record.

So there is no slowing down to this. This can be a call of awakening.

How Is The Government Controlling This?

Social distancing is how the spread of the virus is controlled. So, the Indiana government has further extended the lockdown of the state till the 1st of May. People are supposed to stay at their houses and refrain from coming outside.

This way they’ll be away from any provable chance of acquiring the virus. Everyone should follow these regulations. This is the least that you can fo for yourself and others.

So, everyone is expected to act smart in such a case. You must support every such government action and follow them.


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More About This Indiana

Of what we know, the people in their later ages are more prone to the virus. And the reports support it. In Indiana, the people ranging in the 50-59 age group are the most affected by the coronavirus.

This can be due to a loss of immunity at his age. The percentage of positive cases in this group is about 19.8% which is frightening. However, the death toll is more about the people that are above 80. They make about 39.5% of the deaths.

This doesn’t mean that the young are safe from it. Everyone is expected to maintain proper hygiene and distance themselves.

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