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Indiana Jones 5: Release Date News, Confirmed Cast, Plotline Predictions


David Mudd

After the immense success of the 2008 Indiana Jones movie, the Paramount Pictures is decidedly returning for a fifth movie. Here are all the details we could gather about the upcoming movie.

Indiana Jones Franchise

The Indiana Jones Franchise is a media franchise that was initiated in 1981, with the production of a movie based in the fictional world of Indiana Jones.

Dr Henry Walton Indiana Jone, Jr. is the protagonist of the franchise. Jones is a Professor of Archaeology.

Indiana Jones

This movies are inspired by the 1973 novel of George Lucas, titled The Adventures Of Indiana Smith. After publishing the novel, Lucas saw a great potential for a movie series in his story. He approached Steven Spielberg, an American filmmaker who happened to be his friend as well.

When the two were in agreement to take the project further, they approached Paramount Pictures. Paramount signed with them a deal of a five-movie series. Thus came the first movie in 1981.

The franchise has also produced novels, comics, and TV series.

Study in detail about the media franchise here.

The Indiana Jones Movies

Indiana Jones

Four of the movies are released so far. Steven Spielberg is the director in these movies. Harrison Ford stars in the movie series.

Following is the serial order of all the Indiana Jones movies so far:

  1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark- 1981
  2. The prequel: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom- 1984
  3. The sequel: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- 1989
  4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- 2008

The Upcoming 

More than a decade has passed since the fourth movie released in 2008. Ever since then, both the actor as well as the director have talked about the fifth movie in hints. However, nothing ever came to fruition.

Just when we had dropped all hopes of seeing this on the big screen again, the production team released a date.

Ford talked about starting the filming of the upcoming movie sooner than we expected. Read more here.

Release Date

Indiana Jones

The initial release date set for was on July 9th, 2019, with no further movement. Soon, Disney dropped another date: July 9th, 2020, to no avail yet again.

Finally, the team announced the final date to be the same date in 2021. Let’s see if anything comes of it this time.

Cast And Crew 

Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg has stepped down from the director’s chair. James Mangold will replace as the director of the film.

Here are the shoot photos released from the sets of Spielberg’s upcoming musical.

Harrison Ford will return to reprise the role of Dr Jones. We have no news of the other cast members yet.

What Could Happen?

Twelve years have passed, and we’re still clueless about what could happen in the fifth movie. Let’s wait for the trailer to find out more.