Who Is India Royale Baby Father? Is India Royale a Model?


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Who is India Royale Baby Father? Let’s read all about Lil Durk. Yes, Lil Durk is the father of second daughter’s of India Royale. She has two daughters. Who do you think is the father of 1st baby? Let’s find out.

India Royale Biography

India Royale is an American model, entrepreneur, and Instagram star. India began her career through her social media accounts for source of income. She then started posting about fashion and beauty. She then did product endorsements for some brands, like Fashion Nova, Baddieville, and SHEIN.

She started her own business, India Royale Beauty and also India Royale’s Hair Vendor. She is the mother of Skylar Royale and Willow Royale, two girls.

India Royale Baby Father: Lil Durk

Lil Durk is a famous American rapper and musician. His official name is Durk Derrick Banks. He was born on October 19, 1992 in Englewood, Chicago, Illinois to parents, Dontay Banks and Big Durk. He had tough childhood as his father had been incarcerated when Durk was only seven months old.

He began getting recognition from MySpace and YouTube. He has been nominated for many Grammy awards also. He became a young father at age 17.

As a result, he dropped out school to the legendary gang Blood Gang. He was alleged to cheat on India, led their break up. He has been trolled for his affairs and hence fans are curious to know about Lil Durk Girlfriends His most popular relationship has been with India as of now.

India Royale Baby Father

India Royale and Durk

India Royale and American rapper Lil Durk had been dating since 2017. The duo was doing good together. In 2021, Lil Durk proposed to Royale on a stage during a concert in Chicago. After they became enaged, everyone was waiting for them to get married soon however, something big happened that shook everyone. In 2022, they announced their split after a rumor about Lil Durk cheating on her.

Did India have a Baby Before Lil Durk?

It’s clear that India and Durk share one daughter together who is the second daughter of India. Her first child was with someone else. India had one child, Skylar Banks before meeting Lil Durk.

Who is India’s First Baby Dad?

The first baby’s dad’s identity has not revealed by India yet. She usually doesn’t talk about him. In 2014, India became a mother for the first time, she gave birth to Skylar Banks, her first child. Three years later, Royale met Lil Durk, with whom she share second daughter.

Is India Royale Still Single?

No doubt, India and Durk are no longer together. Although there had been speculation from fans that claimed Durk wanted another child with India Royale. However, it all did not make sense when India confirmed on her Twitter account that she is single. Currently, the mother of two is enjoying her life as a mother and is not seeing anyone.

Are India and Durk Not Getting Back Together Again As a Couple?

Due to cheating allegations, they are no longer together despite being engaged and sharing one daughter together. They parted ways. It was India who decided to split. Even after the split, Durk wished ex girlfriend India valentine’s day, putting her picture on his story with a caption wishing valentine’s day.

However, India on the same day in twitter responded, “It it go”, referring to Durk’s Valentine wish. What do you think? Should they get back together? Well, india clearly seems to be happily single.

Is India Royale a Model?

India Royal began her career as a model. She has a great fan following with millions of followers on her Instagram. Royale owns a fashion and beauty brand named IndiaRoyaleBeauty. She also owns a YouTube channel where she posts about fashion beauty and her life related content.

India Royale business venture is India Royale Beauty. As per the company’s official website, the makeup company offers a complete selection of products for the eyes, face and lips.


India Royale is an American model, entrepreneur, and Instagram star who is a mother of two. She shares both daughters with different fathers. His first daughter’s father’s name has not been revealed yet and the second baby father’s is Durk.

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