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India COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing, It Is Likely That Peak Can Come In June And July, Said AIIMS – Delhi Director!

The coronavirus Pandemic took our country under its cruel grasp already. This pandemic divested most of the countries in the world in the meantime. India is now one of those countries that are trying hard to fight with it. By every passing day, the numbers of COVID-19 cases are increasing here. Even in a recent broadcast, AIIMS Delhi Director said that this outbreak would likely be on its peak in June-July!!

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AIIMS Delhi Director’s Announcement On The COVID-19 Situation In India

India is on Lockdown since March. As it is a densely populated country, it is so hard to keep it under control. Although there is no dilemma in taking actions it looks like the infection cases are rising.

Dr. Randeep Guleria is the Delhi Director of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Yesterday, he stated that looking at the modeling data and increment of cases it seems that the peak can come in June and July. He also said that we would be able to see how much effect lockdown had on this outbreak.


Current Situation Of India

It is heartbreaking to say, but the situation in India is not so good currently. 3,561 new cases are registered in the last 24 hrs. The total number of cases is now 52,952 all over the country among which 35,902 cases are active. Over 1,783 people died already because of the coronavirus here. Fortunately, among the infected people, 15, 266 patients have been cured of the virus.

The highest numbers of the coronavirus cases are in Maharashtra (16,758). After that, there are Gujarat (6,625) and Delhi (5,532).

The Coronavirus Outbreak Across The World

The European countries are suffering due to pandemic beyond our imagination. The death toll in the USA crossed over 50,000. The situation in Italy and Spain is also unspeakable. Mankind is witnessing such kind of death rally almost after a century.


However, it just started in our country. That’s why as a citizen of India, we have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, we will face this pandemic’s wrath more than any country in the world. And the main reason will be our mass population.

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