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Inception 2: Are We Expecting Another One From Nolan?

There is no doubt Christopher Nolan’s screenplay to be the best one ever. They are really amazing and superb in storyline, development, script, and even the cast. And so is Inception!

It is one of the best collections in science fiction movies. Inception manages to please everyone of you who would have watched it! But there is something more added to this, that you need to watch it more than once to understand the movie at par.

And in the current time, Inception 2 is being rumoured and expected. Is this true? Is Inception 2 really happening or not? Let us dig deeper about it!

About Inception

inception 2

Christopher Nolan wrote and directed the 2010 science fiction action picture Inception, which he also produced with his wife, Emma Thomas. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a skilled thief who steals information by penetrating his prey’ subconscious minds.

He is given the opportunity to have his criminal record wiped in exchange for implanting another person’s concept into the mind of a target. The storyline, direction, themes, action sequences, visual effects, musical soundtrack, and ensemble cast of Inception earned critical acclaim.

The film received four Academy Award nominations (Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects) and four wins (Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Original Score).

What Is The Inception Movie Based On?

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his accomplice Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) engage in unlawful industrial espionage by infiltrating their targets’ subconscious minds and “extracting” vital information using two-level “dream within a dream” techniques.

To detect if they are within another person’s dream, each of the “extractors” carries a “totem,” a customised tiny item whose behaviour is unexpected to everyone save the totem’s owner. Cobb’s totem is a spinning top that rotates indefinitely in his dream state.

Cobb battles memories of his deceased wife Mal (Marion Cotillard) that emerge within the dream and attempt to undermine his attempts.

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Who Is In The Star Cast Of The Movie Inception?

inception 2

Inception has got the best actors and artists and moreover the star actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He is one of my favorites! What about you? Do let us know in the comment box below.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, a professional thief.
  • Elliot Page as Ariadne, a graduate student of architecture.
  • Tom Hardy as Eames, a sharp-tongued associate of Cobb.
  • Ken Watanabe as Mr. Saito, a Japanese businessman.
  • Dileep Rao as Yusuf
  • Cillian Murphy as Robert Michael Fischer, the heir to a business empire and the team’s target.
  • Tom Berenger as Peter Browning, Robert Fischer’s godfather.
  • Marion Cotillard as Mal Cobb, Dom’s deceased wife.
  • Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer, Robert Fischer’s father.
  • Michael Caine as Professor Stephen Miles, Cobb’s mentor and father-in-law.
  • Lukas Haas as Nash, an architect in Cobb’s employment.
  • Talulah Riley as a woman, credited as “Blonde”.

Is Inception 2 Coming Out?

There is no chance a sequel to Inception will ever be made. There will be a lot of speculation regarding the potential of Inception 2. In fact, it was often speculated that Chris Nolan will begin filming Inception 2 after finishing The Dark Knight Rises.

That never occurred, and it will never happen. There is less of a possibility for it to come out.

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What Is The IMDb Rating Of Inception?

inception 2

Inception 2010 manages to gather an IMDb rating of 8.8 out of 10. And let me tell you that this rating is worth acknowledging by approximately ‎2,172,818 votes from users.

Is Inception A Good Movie To Watch?

“Inception” is an outstanding and magnificent picture that may be one of the few films released 2010 summer that lives up to the anticipation. It’s an almost flawless and extremely original picture that keeps you interested till the end.

Inception does need many viewings to fully comprehend, but the more you learn about the film, the more you fall in love with the concept and the film itself. Nolan had considered every detail of the dream realm and nailed its portrayal on the big screen.

In this film, what the characters say about dreams and the dream realm is accurate. You may apply it to your own life experiences (about dreams of course).

Christopher Nolan may wind up becoming the most seductive and enigmatic film director of the modern era. Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and now Inception: Christopher Nolan’s work is unquestionably one of the most innovative outpourings in commercial and cliche-ridden Hollywood.

Are Inception And Tenet Connected?

inception 2

Fans have long questioned if there is a connection between Christopher Nolan’s most twisty flicks. Christopher Nolan’s opening phrase in Tenet might almost be a nod to fans of his earlier, dream-heisting film Inception.

Tenet was motivated by his love of espionage films, stating, “I didn’t want to make this sort of picture unless I thought I could contribute something new to it.” The novel explores the concept of time and how we perceive it, intertwining a science fiction component with classic aspects of the espionage genre.

“The easiest way to describe our approach is to say that what we achieved with Inception for the heist genre is what Tenet tries to bring to the espionage movie genre.”

In other words, Inception and Tenet are comparable because of the type of picture they are – utilising a big, Nolan-esque scale and a brilliant sci-fi premise to spice up conventional clichés – rather than any specific plot or character beats.

They are related, yet they are not in a relationship with one other. Perhaps there are more second cousins than in-laws.

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Inception 2 has still got a lot to be explored more than we were not able to cover up right here. But soon we will come up with something more about it! Until then stay up with us.

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