In What Ways Can You Make Your Home A Safe Space?


Mohit Kamboj

Since 2020, all of our lifestyles have changed to become far more home-centric. Whether you spend all of your time at home or are still primarily office-based, what we expect of our space as we work-from-home has changed. It is fair to say that our homes are a lot more integral in our daily lives.

With our offices and personal lives being merged in a way they have never been before, the question arises about whether we are doing everything we can to make our homes a safe space. Technologically speaking, we now have far more information stored within our own houses. How do we know that this information is safe? Likewise, does the merging of office spaces with personal spaces change the emotional safe spaces that our homes used to be? Here are a few tips and pointers to keep your home safe and secure:

Being Safe Is Being Smart

Everything is connected these days. I can send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world and it will be received in a matter of seconds. The same is now true of our own homes. With smart tech, you can now link up every aspect of your home through the wi-fi, sending commands and ensuring its protection with a single app.

This is great not only for security but also for ease and efficiency. Feeling your feet go a bit cold? Turn up the heating from your armchair. Feeling the need for a coffee? Set your coffee machine to start brewing. There is a lot that can be made possible simply by making your home a bit smarter.

Your Place Of Work Has Security, So Your Home Should Too:

If your office can have security cameras and alarm systems, then there is no reason why your home shouldn’t too. Not only is it now holding far more information (if you are a majority home worker), but more importantly it is the space in which your family live. Keeping them safe is paramount.

There are many security systems to look into, involving security cameras, alarms, and automatic door locks. It is also important to feel secure that you are covered. There are also various online homeowners insurance quotes to inspect and compare, just in the event that anything goes wrong, and, indeed, in many instances, the security devices and efforts you go to will positively impact your quote too.

Make Your Home Safe By Investing In A Home Safe

With the threat of burglary and thefts, it is becoming more and more popular to invest in an electronic home safely. These can hold anything from photographs, passports, guns or cash. Depending on what home safe you decide is best for you, there are many factors to be aware of when making your decision. Fire damage, water damage, theft. There are various electronic home safes that will not only protect you but also reduce the premiums on your insurance.

Be Prepared For When You Are Not At Home

It may sound trivial, but the most integral cog in your home’s security is you. When you are not there, the security you have put in place will still be active, but it could mean very little if you are not aware of its efforts. This is why it is important to keep yourself in the loop. Ordinarily, you would not be aware of an alerted smoke alarm if you were not in the house, but there are now systems in place to message you. As well as this, you can invest in a doorbell camera that can record and notify you if someone is trying to enter your home.

Reconnect With Your Home By Creating A Space To Disconnect

Whilst there are many gadgets and technologies which can transform your home into a safe space, it can be just as worthwhile to create a space that disconnects you from it all. A room with no television. No phone. No system. A room where you can disconnect from your smart life and unwind a bit can be extremely helpful in maintaining your mental health. Sometimes just a bit of peace and quiet can be the key to easy living. Not a safe space with technology, but rather an emotionally safe space where you can get away from it all. Just for a few minutes anyway!

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