In the Dark Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Many More!


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Is ‘In the Dark’ series renewed for a new season or not? The answer to this question is yes the new season is renewed for season 4 of in the Dark by CW on Feb 3. It was also cleared from many sources that Fourth season of the dark is coming soon in 2022 but officially its release date is not confirmed at this time.

It simply means a lot of things are to be covered to solve in “In the Dark Season 4” as previous season leaves the audience on Cliffhanger with sad ending, so all fans and viewers wanted to see its new season soon as it is a crime drama series and focused on the life of a girl named Murphy who is blind from starting and only had two friends out of which one is murdered and she is trying to solve the mystery of her friend along with dog and her lover.

In the Dark season 4

If you already watched this series then you know that the complete drama is full of mysteries and twists and turns with some chaos in it.

So Let’s know in advance when Season 4 will be released on Netflix.

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In the Dark Season 4: Netflix Release Date

Every year its new season starts from 2019. The first and the original season aired back on April 4, 2019 and then one year later in April it came for the second instalment in 2020 but the third season came two months late in next year that is June 23, 2021 due to pandemic all over the world.

In the Dark season 4

So if they follow the same pattern then we will come to see its fourth season in 2022 as it is meant to release in 2022 because CW already renewed the series for a new fourth season.

If the industry doesn’t affect much of Covid-19 then we will get to see this fourth season in early summer or in late spring of this year and then on Netflix.

Till then catch its previous 3 seasons on Netflix because release date of this series for new instalment is not finalised and we will update this section if any official news regarding Murphy’s In the Dark new episodes comes.

So fans are expecting to see the expanded storyline of the new season.

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What is the Story of Season 4 of In the Dark Series?

Exact plot is unknown for season 4 of this drama but we only expect that the new season will follow the ending of season 3.

In the Dark Season 4 Trailer

At the time of writing, there is no official trailer for in the dark season 4 because the series is only renewed but production and other details are not released about the new season.

We will add to the official trailer or teaser when it comes out on the internet and share with you. Till then enjoy the Season 3 trailer.

In the Dark Season 4 Watch

Wait for season 4 and till then watch previous seasons on-


In the Dark season 4 is renewed but release date is not confirmed at this moment so watch its given seasons on these platforms as it is a good series which earned 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

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