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Turkish Netflix melodramas seem to be one of the country’s most bountiful exports, and the latest is In Good Hands, a weepie about a single mom who’s dying and isn’t sure who’s going to take care of her precocious mop-haired kindergartener after she’s gone. But this isn’t just a movie to soak your hanky in – it’s also a precocious-kid comedy and a would-be tragic romance, as our protagonist meets a man who might be solid material to take over as the little boy’s dad. Seems like an overstuffed premise, the kind that might be tough to execute; now let’s see if it’s nevertheless functional.

In Good Hands requires a little while to get underway, but it makes up for its messy opening with a lovely ending. It suffices to say that much of this makes absolutely no sense until the main plot point is disclosed about two-thirds of the way through, without giving away any further details. Urgancioglu, Enver, and Ak’s excellent performances are the only ones keeping us engaged in this improbable and illogical concept up to that point.

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Somewhat too frequently, the plot tends toward cutesiness. Toilet paper rolls have a role that is difficult to understand. Parents and children may also want to talk about how a mother who appears to be nurturing may be almost overly dedicated to her child, refusing to send him to school because he chooses to stay home, and refusing to include other those around so that he can socialize and feel at ease around others.

These appear to be minor instances of child abuse committed by a well-intentioned mom who is attempting to deal with her own loneliness. Although she is caring and compassionate, it frequently seems as though her excessive nurture and seclusion have produced a problematic child with exaggerated aspirations and improper behaviors.

Release Date of the Movie In Good Hands

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, a single mother encounters a suave bachelor as she grapples with the future of her headstrong six-year-old.In Good Hands was released on March 21, 2022.

Is There a Trailer for the Movie In Good Hands?

There is a trailer for the movie In Good Hands available on Youtube. Before you dive into the movie, watch the trailer below to find out whether you will like the movie or not.


Cast of the Movie In Good Hands

  • Asli Enver  as Melisa
  • Kaan Urgancioglu  as Firat
  • Mert Ege Ak as Can
  • Ezgi Senler as Fatos
  • Birce Irem Ilacan as Birce (as Birce Irem)
  • Sertaç Güder as Blonde Customer
  • Defne Ayse Özpirinç as Sirin

What Is the Plot of the Movie In Good Hands?

In the movie IN GOOD HANDS, Melisa (Asli Enver), a single mother, struggles to provide for her son Can (Mert Ege Ak), 6, on her own. Their bedroom is shared. She takes him to her place of employment, a restaurant. They are close, which seems sensible, but he won’t go to school, he doesn’t have any friends, and he’s too connected to her. When she learns she has only five months to live, the separation anxiety she has caused due to what she considers as her fear and helplessness causes her to scramble to locate a constant caregiver for him.

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She has been lying to him about his father, and now she is trying to get Firat (Kaan Urgancioglu), a charming womanizer who is a very improbable father, to fall in love with her and Can. Unexpectedly, Firat changes from being a sour and self-centered player to liking Melisa and finding the odd Can amusing. A plot twist alters the way we perceive things and, if not a joyful conclusion, at least a conclusion that makes complete sense.

Worth Watching Performace the Movie In Good Hands

Enver, who plays the lead character, is genuinely likable and keeps this occasionally disjointed film together with a sincerity that makes us want to watch it through to the very end.

in good hands

What Can Kids Learn From the Movie In Good Hands?

Families can discuss the challenges of bringing up a child with one parent. What challenges does Melisa struggle to overcome as she takes care of Can? Why do you suppose Melisa does not make Can attend school? Do you believe she is doing morally by enabling him to stay home? If not, then why?

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Can is curious about who his father is. How should single-parent families explain to their children why a parent isn’t there, in your opinion? Did Melisa perform well? If not, so why?


Is The Movie “In Good Hands” Sad?

A heartbreaking but gorgeously charming tale.

What Is The IMDB Rating Of  The Movie “In Good Hands”?

The IMDB rating of the movie In Good Hands is 5.6/10.

How Long Is The Movie “In Good Hands”?

The runtime for In Good Hands is 1 hour and 44 minutes.

What Is the Final Verdict on the Movie In Good Hands?

As the final verdict, In Good Hands is beautifully shot, talking about the mature subject matter of parenting and fate. Though having some rough spots, it is a watchable film due to its handling of emotions. As if there is nothing to offer in terms of the story, it may be predictable in many senses but taking that aside, it successfully provides escapism mixed with its emotions.