iMind: The Future of Communication and Collaboration in the U.S.A.


Sandeep Singh

It is difficult to imagine even the most traditional business without the use of modern technology. This will make your life much easier. And not only yours, but also the lives of your colleagues or students.

To do this, it is enough to find a high-quality video conferencing platform. This will allow you to see your colleagues when needed. One such tool is iMind. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Video conferencing tool: solution for your business

Let’s start right away with what iMind has to offer you. The first thing to note is the completely free plan. Unlike other apps, this free plan has a lot of features about which we will talk more in detail.

This free plan includes features such as the ability to create up to 10 conference rooms. You can enter an already created video meeting in one click – just follow the given link. The maximum duration of an online meeting is 40 hours.

The program supports high video quality (SD / HD) and has the highest stability of the connection. Judging by user reviews, conferences in iMind are much more stable than in similar applications.

The quality of your online meetings is affected not only by the quality of the video but also by the sound. Background noise suppression will allow you to rid your meetings of unnecessary sounds. In addition, you can independently reduce or increase the volume with which the conference participants speak.

The app is well-optimized and works great in the browser. In addition, the program works stably even in a browser on a mobile device. If this does not suit you, you can download the application, which is available on both PC and phone. The quality of work remains the same, but the application has a friendlier interface. Check and see for yourself.

Perhaps you think your conferences need to be recorded? There is no need to use separate apps anymore. Everything is already built into iMind!

Also, unlike most other similar applications, you can continue using the free version of the program to hold as many business negotiations as you need. Even with the free package, you can organize meetings for as long as 40 hours.

iMind has something to offer

All of the above are features available to you for free. But the free plan may be only suitable for personal conferences. Perhaps it is convenient to use if you are a teacher.

In case you are looking for more, you can use one of the paid plans:

  1. The first plan is free, you already know about it.
  2. “Pro” plan. First paid plan. Allows you to create an infinite number of rooms. You can also manage your rooms in more detail. This plan is best suited for small teams.
  3. “Business” plan. Includes the functions of the previous pricing plan, as well as a personal support service account, eternal storage of your conference records, and a personal subdomain. The Pro plan may be convenient for small businesses.
  4. “Enterprise” plan. Suitable for large companies and includes all the features of previous plans, as well as new ones. This includes data storage regions, infrastructure load monitoring, iMind integration into the corporate network, round-the-clock support service, and your personal support manager.

You can read iMind reviews and try out the free package. Perhaps after that, you want to know more? If your business depends on the quality and quantity of online meetings, then you will not regret it. Stay connected with iMind!