Iggy Azalea Net Worth: Is She Has $15 Million?


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It is estimated that the net worth of Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper and artist, is $15 million. As a result of the global success of her debut single “Work,” she shot to fame in 2013. As of this writing, she has sold more than 50 million albums and 22 million singles around the world.

Iggy Azalea Early Life

She was given the name Amethyst Amelia Kelly when she was born on June 7, 1990, in Sydney, Australia. Iggy Azalea is one of the few rising female MCs on the hip-hop industry, and she is also one of the most successful. However, being a white girl from rural Australia, she has freely acknowledged that she is a bit of an outsider in the world of rap music. During her childhood, Azalea grew up in the small town of Mullumbimby, New South Wales, where she shared a modest home with her father Brendan Kelly, a painter and comic artist, and her mother Tanya Kelly, a hotel cleaner.

Iggy Azalea Net Worth

She began rapping at the age of 14, influenced by the female group TLC and the rapper Left Eye Lopez, and even established a group with two other ladies from her area to practise their craft. Soon after, she decided to leave the all-female band owing to a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the other girls in the group. Iggy dropped out of high school and began working with her mother because she had a strong ambition to immigrate to the United States.

She arrived in the United States in 2006, only a few months before she turned sixteen. Even though she was just intended to be there for a short vacation, she eventually decided to stay and informed her parents that she would not be returning. To remain in the United States lawfully, Iggy completed her GED and was granted a visa waiver. She returned to Australia every three months to renew her visa waiver in order to remain in the country.

Azalea began her career in Miami, Florida, before moving on to a brief time in Houston, Texas, and then settling in Atlanta, Georgia, for a few years. The O Visa, which allowed her to work lawfully in the United States for five years, was granted to her in February 2013. It was by combining the name of her dog, Iggy, with the name of the street where she grew up that Iggy Azalea came up with her distinctive stage moniker.

In 2010, Iggy relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides. Meanwhile, she had met rapper Jefe “Wine-O” Wine, who became her lover and later signed Azalea to his indie record label, Wine-O Music, which he founded with his brother. Even after their breakup, Wine-O continued to distribute Azalea’s music through iTunes under his label.

In 2011, she began uploading her freestyle films to the YouTube platform. Following the success of her controversial songs “Pussy” and “Two Times,” Azalea’s career took off in a big way thanks to the video-sharing website. Azalea released her debut full-length record, a mixtape titled Ignorant Art, in September 2011, marking the beginning of her professional career. TrapGold, her second mixtape, was released a year later and was her first to feature Drake.

In 2012, Azalea made history by becoming the first non-American female rapper to be featured on XXL’s annual Top 10 Freshman cover issue, which was released in conjunction with the release of her album Idol. It was at this point that she began to tease her upcoming debut studio album, The New Classic, and stated that she would release it as soon as she signed with a major record label. Azalea reached out to rapper T.I. for some artistic direction and feedback on her debut album, which he graciously granted her.

Azalea was signed to Grand Hustle Records in 2012, and she has since been hard at work on her new album, collaborating with other artists, and touring the world. As part of her support for TrapGold, she embarked on a North American tour alongside Rita Ora as well as a headline tour in Europe.

Iggy Azalea Net Worth

On February 13, 2013, it was reported that Azalea had signed a recording contract with Mercury Records. On March 13, 2013, she released the music video for her debut single “Work,” which was also her first music video release. “Work” became an instant smash after it was released. Her second song, “Bounce,” was released a month later and premiered on BBC Radio 1.

In July 2013, she joined Beyonce on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which included 17 dates in Australia. The third song from The New Classic, “Change Your Life,” was premiered on BBC Radio 1 on August 19, 2013, and the hit single “Fancy” was premiered on BBC Radio 1 on February 6, 2014. “Fancy” became Azalea’s most successful track to date after promptly reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

A lot of hype surrounded the release of The New Classic, which took place on April 21, 2014. With 52,000 copies sold in its first week in the United States, it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts. Since Nick Minaj’s 2013 album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, it has been the highest-charting female rap album. Azalea teamed with Ariana Grande on her song “Problem” and Jennifer Lopez on her track “Booty” later in the spring of that year. Azalea revealed her plans for a world tour in 2015 and the release of her second studio album on December 10, 2014, via her Twitter account.

In May 2015, Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears collaborated on the song “Pretty Girls.” She postponed her global tour and announced a new tour for 2016 to promote the record she was currently working on at the time.

Her second studio album, Digital Distortion, was released in October of the same year, according to her announcement. Team, the first song from the album, was released in March 2016. As part of The X Factor Australia’s eighth season, which will run from October to November 2016, Azalea has agreed to serve as a judge. She continued to put off the release of her second album, but she did release two songs in the spring of 2017: “Mo Bounce” and “Switch.”

Azalea announced in February 2019 that she had completed work on her second studio album, In My Defense, and that it would be released later that year. The album’s first song, “Sally Walker,” debuted at No. 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and went on to sell more than 82,000 copies worldwide. The album In My Defense was published on July 19, 2019, according to the official website. It debuted at No. 50 on the Billboard chart and peaked at No. 50, and, despite the enormous success of her first album, her second was received with a slew of poor critical reviews.

Iggy Azalea Personal Life

Azalea was granted permission to become a permanent resident of the United States in March of this year.

Azalea and rapper A$AP Rocky were in a one-year relationship. Although they had matching tattoos on their fingers, Azalea decided to get rid of hers. The couple began dating in November 2013 and announced their engagement on June 1, 2015. Nick Young plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. In June 2016, a leaked video, in which Young appears to brag about cheating on his girlfriend Azalea, led to the end of their relationship.

In 2018, she began a relationship with rapper Playboi Carti. They are the parents of a son.

Earlier this year, Azalea disclosed to Vogue and Seventeen magazines that she had undergone breast augmentation as well as a nose surgery.

Iggy Azalea Property

In June 2021, Iggy purchased a home in Hidden Hills, California, for a total of $5.2 million. Almost immediately after moving in, Iggy became up in a verbal altercation with a neighbour over the noise that her construction was making. In fact, she went so far as to openly criticise her neighbour on Twitter, writing:

“Day 1 living in my new house and my bored housewives ass neighbor already tried to snitch on me for doing construction on my own fucking home.”

Maybe the tensions became too much because Iggy decided to list this mansion for sale roughly six months later for $6.2 million.

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