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If You Are Looking for a Romantic Korean Series Then Was It Love Is a Perfect Choice


David Mudd

Nowadays, Kdrama (Korean Drama) series has its fan base. Kdrama is gaining popularity day by day.

A new romantic drama series is in the race now named Was It Love.

If you love romantic and drama types of movies then you gonna like it too.

It is a South Korean TV series that was telecasted on JTBC from 8th July to 2nd September 2020. After the TV broadcast, it was released on Netflix as well all over the world.

was it love?

Kim Do-Hyung is the director and Lee Sung-jin is the writer of the series.

Was It Love consists of 16 episodes with 70 minutes of running time.

Now, I am going to tell the twist of the series so if you don’t like the spoiler, you should not

read further.

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The Plot Of The Romantic Series Was It, Love:

Noh Ae-Jung is a single parent of 14 years and a film producer as well. Suddenly four men appear in her life. She had her past with three of them as friendship or relationship before being pregnant. They will reawaken the self-love and sense for self in her. She is Noh Ha-nee’s mother.

Oh, Dae-oh is a screenwriter who usually writes for Hollywood movies as well as he is also a novelist. He is a bad person but on the other hand, is also attractive. His original identity is hidden.

Ryu Jin is an actor whose popularity is increasing day by day. During his studies in the university, he acted in many films and theatre. He is pathetic but on the other hand, is also rich and handsome.

Koo Pa-do is the CEO of a Nine Capital financial company. He is the adoptive father of Dong-chan and a gangster in his past life as well. He earned his name as “Robin Hood of the Private Loan Industry”. He looks scary but sexy too.

Oh, Yeon-woo is a P.Ed instructor and has a charming smile. He is a young and flirty man. He is the most popular teacher among all in the school.

was it love?

Joo Ah-rin is a famous actress.

In episode 1, the scene opens with an interview of Ae-Jung for the job of film producer at Thumb Films. She was asked multiple questions but she stuck at ‘why she left her last semester at university?’ she left because she was pregnant. the answer was as simple as that. She gets the job. On the other hand Ha- nee is asked about her father at school which upsets her very much. Ha-nee resides with her grandma and her mother. She is told that her father is no more. The story then jumps into the present day. Ha-nee is a secondary school student now. After arrival at her new school, she meets her new P.Ed teacher, Oh Yeon-woo. On the other hand, Ae-Jung creates a mess for herself in the office, which makes her ask for help from Pa-do. He denies. She has 2 weeks to pay back all the money.

She meets the investors to convince them to work with her.

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A moneylender agrees to invest on the condition that he wants Ryu Jin as the actor as he was a big fan of him. She then goes to influence Ryu Jin to work in her production house.

In the next episode, she leaves to meet Cheon Eok-man but is surprised to see someone from his past, and then she thinks that it is gonna be too difficult for her to convince him to work with her. The man was Oh Dae-oh.

After knowing the current situation of Ae-Jung, Oh Dea-oh is really in quandary. She wants to help her now. On the other hand, Ha-nee is confused and questions about the new resident in her house.

Ae-Jung and Dae-oh now look for a lead actor. Ha-nee on the other side sees one more man who could be her father. Ryu Jin concurs to work with Ae-Jung. This news shocks the agency in which Ryu Jin worked. Now Ae-Jung searches for an actress to work in her film.

Joo Ah-rin will be her heroine. She was very excited to work with Dae-oh but she gets disappointed after seeing him with the one he is going to work with. O the other hand, Yeon-woo gives a letter to Ae-Jung which he had preserved for many years.

Pa-do shows up in the parents’ teachers meeting in the school. Dae-oh deals with the relation of him with Ae-Jung and runs after Ha-nee over the streets. Ae-Jung worries about the new interest of her daughter whereas Dae-oh and Jin’s friendship is now in a trouble due to Ae-Jung.

Ae-Jung is stuck with the four men now on an island. They come to know that they will be unable to get out of it until the next morning.

was it love?

The past freshens, as the events that took place between Ae-Jung and Dae-oh 14 years ago come to the limelight. Yeon-woo had a heartwarming conversation with Ae-Jung. Dong-chan comes to know about the truth of his father Pa-do and asks about his mother.

At last, an online post related to the relationship of Dae-oh and Ae-Jung goes viral all over the internet that puts a pause on the series.

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The Cast Of The Series Was It Love:

  • Noh Ae-Jung / Tan Ziyi played by Song Ji-Hyo
  • Oh Dae-oh / Cheon Eok-man played by Son Ho-jun
  • Ryu Jin played by Song Jong-ho
  • Koo Pa-do played by Kim Min-Joon
  • Oh Yeon-woo played by Koo Ja-sung
  • Joo Ah-rin played by Kim Da-som

IMDB Rating Of The Series Was It Love:

7.2 out of 10 is theIMDb rating of the series Was It Love.

Where Can We Watch The Series Was It Love:

You can easily watch it onNetflix. you can also watch the trailer on youtube.

You can also download it from different websites and watch it offline or can stream it online.


A woman having different relationships with 4 men simultaneously puts her in a tough situation. Her daughter also searches for her father in all four at least once. How Ae-Jung gonna deal with it? Whose the one she gonna choose or she will just be busy with her work and become more successful?

To find out, watch the relationship of Ae-Jung with four men on Netflix. Keep watching Was It Love!

If you have any queries regarding the series you can drop a comment in a comment box. We love to answer.