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If Tenet Is Delayed, Expect No New Films Until Christmas

As the world struggles to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, Hollywood is preparing to brace the worst end of the crisis. For one, all major blockbusters have been delayed and the ones that were shooting have shut production. The situation is incredibly dire, to sat the least! With theatres shut, movie studios are looking at alternative means for distribution, like Premium VOD. However, Christopher Nolan is still hopeful that Tenet will be able to meet its July release date.

Tenet largely remains the only big-name blockbuster that has not been delayed yet. And by all accounts, it has become a litmus test for other films to gauge what their box-office performance will be like. Now, of course, it’s very much a possibility that the film will end up getting delayed. Especially if major cities like New York and Los Angeles haven’t fully opened up. But as cases get worse, Warner Bros. might soon announce a delay. And make no mistake, Tenet being delayed will have massive implications that will reverberate through all of Hollywood.

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Tenet Will Be A Litmus Test For All Of Hollywood

For one, it’ll be a clear indication that the virus isn’t going anytime soon. Washington Post recently discussed the matter with an unnamed studio executive. They seemed to confirm the future of Hollywood blockbusters rests squarely on Tenet’s shoulders. If the film is delayed or fails to do well, it will mean no new movies until Christmas.

Nolan is a household name at the box-office. The director’s filmography is long and varied, with original blockbusters taking centre stage. Even excluding the Dark Knight trilogy, the Nolan name is a brand of its own. Dunkirk, Interstellar, Inception all made massive amounts of money at the box, whilst also earning critical praise.

But it’s interesting to see how Tenet performs at the box-office. The audience interest, prior to the pandemic was certainly high. And with a budget of $200 million, the movie did cost a pretty penny to make.

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