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If Not Now, When? Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Meagan Good and Tamara Bass are a powerful duo, who have worked together for many years. Both the actors are immensely popular among the fans and that’s why when their movie, If not Now, When? was announced, there was huge chaos among people who were deliberately waiting for it to be released. 

The movie follows the life of four inseparable high school friends. All the four friends decided to be together in the odds and events. They have tried their best to be together despite some of the failed crises in the prom invitation and one of them was going to labor just before their college opening and becoming a single mother, so they all decided to be these. 

If not Now, When? Is a powerful, inspirational, and eye-opening movie that will urge fans to watch it. The storyline will keep the fans hooked up storyline through the end and the series will have all the emotional and fun roller coasters over the period. 

The movie is officially released but it seems like the majority of the fans are still finding it hard to watch it. In this article, we’ll be going to break down everything about the film and will direct you to all the important information regarding it. Continue reading this article to find out everything. 

If Not Now, When? About: Everything you need to know!

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, when? Was released in 2019 and follows the lives of four best friends who help one of their friends to overcome the single mother's hardship. The movie is brilliant and has an amazing direction that will teach you more things about life. 

It revolves around four women who are trying to balance their life, motherhood and also taking care of marriage, dating, careers, family, & life itself. The movie received huge appreciation from the fans and the audience loved how the film managed to show every sight of the women's life. But at the same time, the critics were not happy with the film. Though, some platforms rated the film with 5/5 ratings (Movie Insider). Some other platforms were hard enough to say 4.6/10 (IMDb ratings).  

If Not now, When? Storyline: What is it about?

If Not Now, When? Review The story follows four friends who have been together since a very young age. The movie shows the life of Tyra (Meagan Good), who is a brilliant kid and manages to top the class. On the other hand, her daughter Jillian (Lexi Underwood)  is already 15 years old and these two seemed to be lovable and enjoy each other's company quite well. 

However, after facing a tragic accident, Tyra gets addicted to opioids and this makes her friends concerned about her. Friends want to help 13 so that she can overcome the addiction and live a normal life. 

 Patrice (Tamara LaSeon Bass) is a healthcare worker and dating a doctor. She is looking forward to getting married and having kids but things are uncertain if his partner is looking for the same thing or not. 

On the other hand, we have Deidre (Meagan Holder) and a dancer who is now divorced and her career is not the same after she went through a marriage and divorce. Her ex-husband is already guilty of his sins and waiting for her to give her a second chance. 

At last but not least, we have Suzanne (Mekia Cox) who is already complicated with her super hectic life and concerned about her husband’s cheating. Over the top, she is already having an affair but doesn't want people to find out about her problems. Suzanne is pregnant and confused about whether she wants the child or not.

The best part about the movie is how the creative uses everyone's story and creates an overwhelming lot for the audience for better understanding. Simply put, the movie is all about the fascinating friendship of these four women who tried to be with each other and were at their lows and highs.  if the father shows their complicated relationship with other people but over the top where friendship remains the same for the past many years. 

In between all the storytelling, you will find great cinematography that leads people to appreciate the directors and screenwriters. Directed by  Leon Bass and Good., it is one of their recent directions that surprisingly has gone great and people understand their work. It should be noted that the creators were only concerned to put great me meaning to the story and to be honest, 

If Not Now, When? Review: Is it Worth Watching?

It is a perfect film that demonstrates women’s problems and the negligence of society. If not now, when? Is an inspirational movie that features the story of four best friends managing and balancing their life despite their age and restrictions. 

Firstly, the major highlight of the film is the performance of the star who has worked hard and makes us feel like it is something that is for real. I like when a movie takes such common problems in society and makes a movie of it, just to open some more midgets and make the people watch the world just like their eyes. 

Written by Bass, the movie shows the friendship of the women that are always considered fake in people’s minds. It shows how people can play such an important part during the lows of their life. However, the characters do not have the heart that society has expected girls to be. 

Despite being in their young ages, they have shown maturity and are grown up in the film. Also, the movie focused on how the stereotype of women being messy has always been considered. The movie follows the women against the challenges that they face over time. If not Now, When? Titles attract the majority of the audience and make the audience explore what it is all about. Taking an inspirational message in the title is a well-planned thing for the fans to do. 

The film was officially released on January 8 and one can get access to the film through the internet. Through watching the film, you will find out the importance of the bond in our life. It shows that despite your friends and you not share the same bond that you used to have in high school, we still see that there are a lot of things that are going on in their life. friendship is a pure bond that is not sugar-coated with anything. If you have real friends, you got everything. 

How did the audience react to this movie?

If Not Now, When? Updates

The movie received widespread love from the people, especially the women who love how the creators acknowledge their problems and loved to share these things with society. As I mentioned above that the critics were not satisfied with the film but on the other hand, the fans were super fascinated with the storyline and loved how the writers turned the story. 

One says, “I see a lot of comments of why we have to always be represented in this way but from watching the movie from my perspective it was a great movie. A lot of tears, laughs, and life lessons. Gems were being dropped in the movie. I know for me I saw myself in a few characters and it made me feel like when I look at Issa Rae's show “Insecure” real life things happen and you have your closest people to be there and to help you get through no matter what. Great job Tamara (writing the movie) and Megan (directing the movie) you’ll do a great job and it was nice to see unfamiliar actors that were getting their chance to shine, YOU’LL do A GREAT JOB”

While others added, “I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's a great representation of black women of all shades and hair types. The story/plot was meaningful, it's realistic and mirrors life. I don’t want to be lied to with a representation of life that’s inaccurate. 5/5 stars for me.”

Where is the Official Trailer for the Movie?

If by any chance you have missed the trailer then here it is. Watch the official trailer of the movie and find out everything.

Bottom Line

If Not now, when? Was released in 2019 and brought a huge smile to the face of the audience. The story speaks about the lives of four women who are facing hardship in their life. Starring Megan Good, Tamara LeSon Bass, Meagan Holder, and Mekia Cox as the main seldom the story takes a tour of their backstory and centers on their current life. 

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