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Idaho: 43 Deaths, 1,655 Confirmed $ Probable Cases; State To Track The Number Of Those Who “Presumably Recovered”


David Mudd

The death toll in Idaho increased by two on Friday. That made total death toll into 43. Most numbers of deaths are reported in Nez Perce County, where the rate is 11. Nez Perce is followed by Twin Falls and Ada Counties at nine each and Canyon and Blaine at five each.

The confirmed cases in the lab are now on a total of 1655. It is about 46 cases confirmed. Besides, the total number of cases has been 11 or less each day. The first case confirmed in Idaho was on March 13. Since then 187 of healthcare workers got infected by the virus. Presently, Ada County is the place with the most number of confirmed cases in the state. That is about a half-million people and nine deaths.

Presumable Recovered Cases (Idaho)

There are not any confirmed cases in 12 counties. That includes Boise, Bear Lake, Benewah, Boundary, Butte, Clark, Clearwater, Franklin, Lemhi, Lewis, Oneida, and Shoshone. According to the Idahos official COVID-19 update page, there are 453 cases presumably recovered. Officials are monitoring the situation very closely.

The governor of Idaho tweeted that no one is responsible than him to get the economy back into the normal state. It cannot be open all at once simply. That will make the situation reverse. After all, everything we did will become nothing, Governer added.

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