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Id Software Confirms Split With Doom Eternal Composer Mick Gordon


David Mudd

The latest tiff with the id Software is going at all the bad places for Doom Eternal. Now the developer has said that it will not work with the composer Mick Gordon anymore. And that is pretty shocking. There has been an ongoing war between the two.

But now it is coming to a rest. The developer has confirmed a split with the composer Mick Gordon. So they will no longer work on the planned DLC for the game. It is expected that the fight is over the official soundtrack of the game.

And they couldn’t head the same place. This ended up at the end of all ties for them. So let us find out more about what went on with it.

 Doom Eternal

What Do We Know?

There was an open letter posted on Reddit by Marty Stratton. It has revealed what went on about with the tiff and how it ended. It explained how there was a fight about the Doom Eternal’s soundtrack.

And the developer’s side was explained by the executive producer. In that, it is specified that the composer has exclaimed uncertainty to any possibility of working together again. So that is what went down.

The future of the composer with id Software is ending. This was after their relationships went and became more ‘complicated’ with each other.

What Has Happened?

However, it has been stated that there have been no creative differences. Stratton added that the communication was wounded. And there could be no trust developed on those grounds. So the DLC will be created but without Mick Gordon in it.

The work is going on with the DLC and its production is going on. So that is what is going on with the developers right now. The soundtrack was to be released with the Collectors Edition of Doom Eternal.

And that caused the majority of the tiff between the two. Moreover, he had demanded an extension in the delivery date.


 Doom Eternal

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The developers couldn’t have complied with the delivery date. They committed to bringing it through in the middle of April. However, will the extension the OST couldn’t have been released with the Collectors Edition at any cost.

And that was not bearable for the developers. Now they are working on new tracks. There has been a backup plan and that is being put to good use with this.

However, the players were not necessarily happy with what they got. The queries on whether these issues will be solved remain uncertain.