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Let’s Catch Up With Iago From Aladdin!


David Mudd

Aladdin from Disney has been a part of our watchlist and we did love it! Isn’t it? Though Disney pictures Aladdin has gathered a lot of attention from us. Have you had a look at one of the little sweet characters from the same?

I am talking about Iago. The parrot from Aladdin. He is amazing, isn’t he? And so we are going to discuss more with him. Let us start it right away.

About Iago

iago aladdin

Iago is the dominant antagonist of Aladdin, Walt Disney Pictures’ 31st animated feature film released in 1992. He was Jafar’s henchman as you know during the latter’s effort to conquer Agrabah. What a caustic, loud-mouthed, and short-temper parrot he is!

Iago’s major passions have always been wealth and power. And that is how with his dislike for the Sultan’s crackers he willingly commits evil acts.

The most famous example of Iago’s position expanding throughout the course of the tale is the 1994 direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar. Herein, Iago rehabilitated and joined Aladdin and Jasmine as an anti-hero.

Where Did Iago Come From?

The majority of Iago’s history shrouds in a mystery. It however alludes to exist on a few occasions. He states in “Fowl Weather” that he used to live in the jungle, but that the erratic weather drove him to the desert.

Jafar said in The Return of Jafar that he bought Iago in the market at some time in his life. Iago believes he was born to be a peacock “but was swapped as an egg” in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dream.

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The Development Of Iago In The Disney Industry

A wicked sorcerer, “the Wazir” and a nasty parrot sidekick whose name is Sinbad together feature in Howard Ashman’s initial script for Aladdin. The character creates a prim and proper bird with an evil disposition. He also depicts as a British accent.

Despite the fact that the character was removed from Linda Woolverton’s screenplay, he was resurrected when John Musker and Ron Clements were hired to direct the film.

The parrot was finally selected to be shown in a more conventional fashion, with John Musker referencing the parrot’s well-known “Polly want a cracker!” catchphrase. He was also given a new name, which he currently goes by: “Iago.”

The screenwriter Terry Rossio did offer an idea for Iago in which Jafar transferred all of his emotions to his parrot which left him free of distractions and therefore better able to create magic.

“You end up with a feathered Gilbert Gottfried,” Rossio added since Iago is too tiny for so many emotions to be pent up inside.

Who Has Given The Voice of Iago?

iago aladdin

After seeing comic Gilbert Gottfried in the film Beverly Hills Cop II, directors John Musker and Ron Clements decided to cast him. Do you know how?

Will Finn, a self-professed Gilbert Gottfried admirer, requested and received permission to supervise animation on the character. Iago gets his redesign by Finn in the style of Gottfried, with certain prominent elements such as Gottfried’s squinty eyes and toothy grin integrated into the character.

The producers also regarded Gottfried’s casting as a means to foreshadow the manic humor to come from Robin Williams’ Genie. The latter himself wouldn’t debut until thirty minutes into the picture, whereas Iago was one of the first characters to emerge.

That is how the voice of Iago came into the picture.

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Why Is The Parrot In Aladdin Called Iago?

He is a member of a royal menagerie in the Arabian city of Agrabah. He gets his name after the villain Iago from William Shakespeare’s play Othello, as shown by a reference in the TV series indicating that he has a twin brother named Othello.

What Happened To Iago In Aladdin?

In the first film, Iago, like his owner Jafar, resents living beneath the Sultan and Jasmine, however, he contrasts Jafar’s gloomy brooding with furious, mocking raving. Iago frequently mentions how much he despises crackers, which the Sultan invariably forces upon him.

The Sultan doesn’t appear to realize until the end of the first film that Iago is wicked and can fully grasp and communicate in human speech. Both Jafar and Shakespeare’s Iago face imprisonment as a result of their deeds, and their respective collaborators suffer greatly as a result.

However, unlike Shakespeare’s Iago, who kills Roderigo before being sent out, Jafar pulls his Iago into the lamp with him. Both are in exile in the Cave of Wonders at the end of the film.

Is Iago A Good Guy In Aladdin?

iago aladdin

Did you know? Iago is one of the most complicated characters to ever appear in a Disney animated picture.

When he first emerges as Jafar’s servant devoting to evil. Actually, he looks to be equally as nasty and terrible as his master, being callous, deadly, dishonest, and crafty. Iago, on the other hand, is the more active, loud, and quickly irritated of the two.

When things don’t go as planned, he has a hard time keeping his thoughts to himself. He has a propensity of yelling and raving about his annoyances. Iago, like Jafar, seeks power; having authority over the city (and, in particular, the Sultan) appears to be what motivates his goals throughout the original film.

Iago has always been unconcern about the people he would have to kill in order to gain power. Also, he freely voiced his intention to kill both Jasmine and the Sultan after he and Jafar had taken control of the kingdom, sadistically laughing at the prospect.

Despite being Jafar’s second-in-command, it was Iago’s diligence that allowed the pair to get as far as they did. It was he who proposes that Jafar needs to marry Jasmine in order to inherit the throne. And it was he who eventually stole Genie’s lamp from Aladdin. He does this using his own unique abilities and wit to do so with relative ease.

Meanwhile, also Iago unites with Aladdin, and Jasmine having a soft heart in the terrible thoughts that turn him into a good guy eventually.

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The sweet little parrot, Iago has still got a lot to be explored more than we were not able to cover up right here. But soon we will come up with something more about it! Until then stay up with us.

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