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I Think We’re Alone Now Movie: The Eerie Ending of the Postapocalyptic Show!

The Last Man on the Planet and the Girl Who Finds Him!

Cinematographer-turned-director Reed Morano’s second feature I Think We’re Alone Now begins with a menacing bang. It’s the end times, an unspecified occasion which leaves a man named Del (played by Peter Dinklage) believing he’s the last man on The planet and enjoying his solitude by cleaning up the dead bodies and debris in his upstate New York old neighborhood.

At the point when Beauty (Elle Fanning) drives into town, she brings the possibility of companionship, which had been missing in his life both pre-and post-end of the world. The movie appears as though it’s a meditation on the difference between being alone and being desolate, and on our need to interface.

However at that point the movie clarifies its intentions with a nifty third-act twist. We’re going to discuss the ending here, so consider this your massive spoiler warning.

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The surprise – – proclaimed by the unexpected appearance of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Paul Giamatti – – is that Del and Beauty are not the last individuals on Earth by far, and that the other survivors have shaped a cultish community.

The Catch?

Individuals, with the exception of Giamatti’s personality, Patrick, should go through an Everlasting Sunshine of the Flawless Mind-type treatment and have their memories wiped from the time before the end of the world. Patrick needs to lure Del to “join the overlay,” however Del has a few reservations, as graces, who sidestepped this procedure once before.

i think we're alone now movie

Thrillist recently plunked down with Morano, Dinklage, and Fanning to fixate on the film, which is available to rent on iTunes and On Demand, and will be released on DVD and Blu-beam on October 23. Read on to study the movie’s ending, the brain modification procedure and coping mechanisms, and its dazzling sound design and esthetics.

Starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning, the Movie Is Less Interested in the End Times and More in What Makes Us Human.

Dystopian stories, generally speaking, are less about the apocalypse and more about what it really is to be a human. Is it our capacity to think rationally and logically? Our drive to create civilizations? Our creative power? Our foolish streak?

A lot of dystopian stories have posited answers like those. Be that as it may, two others show up in Reed Morano’s I Think We’re Alone Now: Our humanity lies in our ability to interface with each other, and in our ability (or maybe inability) to get away from the past.

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The film handles one of those themes more deftly than the other, however in the end it still amounts to a frequently moving meditation on what it really means to be human, bundled in one of the most established dystopian subgenres: the account of the last man on the planet.

The story (from a screenplay by Mike Makowsky) lies somewhere in the intersection of survival story, relationship show, and Dark Mirror episode. It’s in great hands with Morano, who’s most popular for her Emmy-winning work directing the first three episodes of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Story, itself a vision of a dystopian future with components of a relationship show.

i think we're alone now movie

This Spot Is Perfect. Then It’s On to the Following One.

Watching Peter Dinklage repeatedly go through this cycle toward the beginning of “I Think We’re Alone Now” is unobtrusively mesmerizing. As director and cinematographer Reed Morano intimately sees this daily routine, she builds a consistent, gripping secret. We marvel to ourselves: What befell everybody in this upstate New York town, who is this man, and for what reason didn’t a similar dangerous destiny come to pass for him?

Working from a script by Mike Makowsky, Morano lets a portion of those questions linger while excessively explaining others. The lyrical ambiguity of the film’s early minutes is definitely more intriguing than the literal philosophizing of its conclusion.

Quite a bit of that has to do with Dinklage’s grounded, steely presence. (Genuinely, he couldn’t possibly be at fault.) Del, as we’ll later get familiar with his personality’s name is, appears to thrive within this eerie solitude. Toward the finish of his challenging days, he fishes and cooks what he gets, enjoying his nightly dinner with a glass of wine at nightfall from the solace of the library where he worked.

i think we're alone now movie

He’s alone — or if nothing else he thinks he is, consequently the title — yet he isn’t desolate. Or on the other hand to borrow from another popular melody, it’s the apocalypse, and he feels fine.

The Sound Design Is So Incredible, Right? There Are Whale Noises in There.

In any case, the arrival of another survivor of this anonymous end of the world breaks his reverie, and our own. “I Think We’re Alone Now” shifts from being a cunning meditation on the nature of isolation to a more traditional investigation of contrasting characters before ultimately taking a hard turn and becoming an entirely unexpected piece of paranoid science fiction.

i think we're alone now movie

Morano’s imagery remains vivid and frequently quite haunting; a long tracking shot of a carcass in a brilliant blanket being hauled along the ground to its destination, pound thumping over dirt and rocks en route, is a standout. In any case, it’s in the service of a story that develops frustratingly conventional.

By and by, it nearly feels as if Morano — an Emmy winner for her work on “The Handmaid’s Story” — made two different films, then tried to smush them together, to unsatisfying impact.

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Del’s daily rhythms are interrupted when he finds Elle Fanning’s Effortlessness bloodied however breathing in the driver’s seat of her crashed vehicle. Tall, young and lively, she is conveniently his careful opposite: garrulous where he is reticent, free-spirited where he is cautious.

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