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I Love America 2022 Film: Premiere Date, Plot, Trailer!

To begin a new life on the opposite side of the ocean, how do you do so?

A new trailer for I Love America, a new original French film that will be available on the streaming service next month, has been unveiled by Prime Video. It chronicles the narrative of a French woman who, after her mother’s death, relocated to Los Angeles and attempted to create a new life on the other side of the ocean.

Lisa (Sophie Marceau) is introduced to us in the teaser as she prepares to relocate from France to Los Angeles. Lisa was raised by her grandma because her mother was a well-known actress in Hollywood at the time of her birth.

As a result, Lisa was accustomed to only seeing her mother through a television screen throughout her youth. In the aftermath of her mother’s death, Lisa feels the call of America on her shoulder and decides to start a new life in Hollywood.

I Love America

Lisa will utilise her time in America to rediscover herself, in addition to dealing with the challenges of living on a different continent. That entails coming to grips with her tense relationship with her mother, finding a new work, and looking for a romantic partner.

I Love America, as is customary in French movies, promises to be a personal story that focuses on character growth and development. The film I Love America is also partly biographical, as the filmmaker Lisa Azuelos’ (Dalida, Sweetheart, LOL) personal experience of relocating to the United States served as inspiration for the film.

Additionally, Djanis Bouzyani (You Deserve a Lover, The Assault), Colin Woodell, and others are featured in the I Love America cast (Ambulance, The Call of the Wild). The film is produced by Autopilot, and Azuelos and Gael Fierro collaborated on the screenplay, which was created by both of them.

On April 29, I Love America will make its worldwide premiere on Amazon Prime Video, following a successful premiere in France on March 11.

I love America Official Plot

Prime Video audiences will be invited to jump into the adventures of Lisa (Sophie Marceau), a single woman who decides to take a chance on love again by catapulting her life from Paris to Los Angeles. Her children flew the coop and her famous, yet absent mother just passed, so Lisa needs a big change. She reunites with her best friend Luka (Djanis Bouzyani), who found success in America with his iconic drag queen bar but is struggling to find his own prince charming. Luka embarks on a mission to give Lisa a fresh start by creating a profile for her on a dating website. From awkward dates to a surprise encounter with John (Colin Woodell), Lisa will understand that the journey to love is a journey towards herself and forgiveness of her first love: her mother.

I Love America

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