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I Know This Much Is True: Cast Updates, Plotline For The Mark Ruffalo Starrer HBO Series

The Mark Ruffalo starer HBO series I Know This Much Is True will premiere on the television in a month. Are you excited to watch it? Here’s a peek into what you’re in for.

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I Know This Much Is True On HBO

Derek Cianfrance is both the writer as well as the director of the upcoming TV miniseries on HBO. I Know This Much Is True is based on the Wally Lamb novel with the same title.

There was talk of a miniseries adaptation of the novel since 2018. Mark Ruffalo stars as the Birdsey twins in it.

I Know This Much Is True

At the beginning of this month, HBO posted a teaser of the show on Youtube, announcing its release date to be April 27th. Watch the teaser here.

The series will run on HBO from April 27th to June 1st and will contain six episodes.

Cast Updates

Mark Ruffalo will star the series as the twins, Thomas and Dominic Birdsey.

Other cast members include:

  1. Melissa Leo as their mother
  2. Rosie O’Donnell as Lisa Sheffer
  3. Archie Panjabi as Dr Patel
  4. Imogen Poots as Joy Hanks
  5. Juliette Lewis as Nedra Frank
  6. Kathryn Hahn as Dessa Constantine
  7. Brian Goodman as Al
  8. Bruce Greenwood as Dr Hume
  9. Guillermo Diaz as Sargeant Mercado

Plotline For The Show

I Know This Much Is True is the story of how Dominic Birdsey, a man with a deeply tragic and scarring life, learns to come to terms with his grief.

Dominic has a twin brother who is suffering from Schizophrenia, Thomas Birdsey. He lost his only child to crib death. His wife couldn’t handle the grief and left him. He is not on good terms with his stepfather.

I Know This Much Is True

Dominic has every symptom of PTSD. To be able to understand his brother better, Dominic starts seeing a psychiatrist, Dr Patel. She helps Dominic deal with everything that is going on and has happened in the past.

The Trailer I Know This Much Is True

HBO released the official trailer of the show on Youtube this 20th. The essence of the trailer is in the line: “You don’t just give up on the people you love”.

You can watch the trailer of the show here.


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