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Hyun Bin, Wife of Actor Son Ye Jin, Is Pregnant With Their First Child, Which She Announced via an Instagram Post.

Son Ye Jin may be expecting a child, since she has been dropping hints about her pregnancy. Continue reading for further information.

There will soon be a baby named BinJin! On June 27, the actress Son Ye Jin said on her Instagram account, “A new life has found its way to us.” She was the one to personally share the joyous news with the world. In the beginning of this year, actress Son Ye Jin and actor Hyun Bin participated in what was being referred to as the “wedding of the century.”

The following is what is said on Son Ye Jin’s post on Instagram: “Hello everyone, you’ve been keeping well, right? I’m doing well ^^ I have some news to share with you all today, and I want to do so in a reserved yet happy manner. We, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, have been blessed with the arrival of a new life.

The actress continues her reflections on motherhood in the endearing post, saying, “It still feels unreal, but I’m progressively living every day, being full of concerns as well as enthusiasm, while feeling the changes in my body.” Because I was trying to be careful, I haven’t been able to tell anyone about this just yet, despite the fact that I am quite appreciative.

Son Ye-jin pregnancy

I’m going to share this information with you all before it’s too late because I know that you’ve been waiting for this news just as much as we have. We are going to treat the precious life that has been entrusted to us with the utmost respect. I really hope that you will keep your health in check and take care of the things in your life that are important to you as well. Let’s cheer each other up.”

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The co-stars of “Crash Landing on You” announced their engagement in February 2022, over two years after they publicly acknowledged their love on January 1, 2021. Following this, the pair exchanged their wedding vows on March 31, and the following day, on April 11, they flew to the United States for their honeymoon.

I’d Want to Extend My Warmest Congratulations to Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin!

A fresh beginning has begun for us, as the saying goes. A pregnancy announcement has been made by Crash Landing On You performers Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin.

Couple Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin, both actors from South Korea, are pregnant with their first child. The ‘Crash Landing On You’ actress took to Instagram on Monday to inform her followers of the happy news.

“Today, I’d want to share some good news with you. We’ve been given a fresh lease on life.., “On Instagram, the actress posted a message in Korean.

After Jin’s management company, MS Team Entertainment, denied rumours of her pregnancy about a month ago, the pregnancy news finally broke.

“I’m still in shock, but in the middle of my anxieties and enthusiasm, I’m taking life one day at a time and feeling the changes in my body. The actress shared her thoughts, “I’m really thankful, but I’m being so careful that I haven’t been able to tell the people around me yet.”

Son Ye-jin pregnancy

‘Before it’s too late,’ the 40-year-old singer reminded her followers in a letter on her website.

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“To the fans and those around us who will be waiting for this news as much as us, we deliver the news before it’s too late,” the actress, who is 40 years old, wrote further in her lengthy post. “To the fans and those around us who will be waiting for this news as much as us, we deliver the news before it’s too late.”

On May 29, Son posted two images of herself to Instagram, both of which featured her wearing a flowy white outfit. Soon after, rumours started spreading that the actor was showing off a baby belly in the images, and people began to believe them.


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A post shared by 손예진 (@yejinhand)

However, the rumours were shot down by her agency, which stated, “(The pregnancy rumours) are absolutely not true.”

“The valuable life that has been entrusted to us will be safeguarded. I pray that you are all able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to the aspects of your life that require your attention., “On Instagram, Jin made a pledge to her audience.

In March of this year, the pair, both of whom are highly regarded performers in South Korea, tied the marriage. The two achieved acclaim and renown on a global scale for their respective parts in the international romantic drama “Crash Landing.”

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