Hypochondriac Movie: a Supernatural Thriller That Emphasizes the Value of Mental Health


David Mudd

With such a queer edge, Hypochondriac Movie is indeed a fine, if not very inventive, contribution to the mental wellbeing horror sub-genre.

In the supernatural thriller Hypochondriac by Addison Heimann, mental illness is indeed a monster. The director’s first film begins with a young man as he deals with both the long-lasting effects of his mother’s bipolar disorder and navigates the horrifying possibility that he might also have an undiscovered mental disease.

Either, or an unseen creature haunts him and speaks horrible things to him about both himself and everyone around him. So, let’s get started with this horror film.

What Do We Know About the Release Date of the Hypochondriac Movie?

Hypochondriac Movie

First at the 2022 Boston Underground Film Festival, Hypochondriac made its East Coast debut as more than just a festival story selection.

Additionally, it recently had its international debut at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival, at which it received largely favorable reviews for how it depicted homosexual characters or how it dealt with psychiatric illness.

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The limited release of the hypochondriac movie will launch on Friday, July 29, 2022. On the same day as the Vengeance, DC League of Super-Pets, as well as Thirteen Lives, are some of the 11 additional films.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of the Film?

Hypochondriac Movie

“Hypochondriac” is indeed a tremendously powerful, expertly created movie that illustrates how trauma may have devastating effects if it is not treated.

Will, a young gay Hispanic potter, seems to be a very social person. His employer is awful, but he has a fantastic job as well as a great boyfriend. However, he desperately wants to conceal a violent history plus mental illness from which he has a concealed past.

Following eleven years of silence, Will’s bipolar mother suddenly emerges, and he starts to experience strange symptoms. After sustaining an injury while at work, he begins to lose the use of both arms, and a silent, menacing guy dressed as a wolf appears on the edge of his vision.

This doesn’t take us a long time to figure out why Will is troubled as he sits by himself in a spot of an empty room. Will is being stalked by a devilish being with pointed teeth and glowing, yellow eyes. Will has good reason to doubt his sanity because it appears that only he can see the creature preparing to strike its prey in the darkness.

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Although Will’s illness was diagnosed as being caused by stress, he will go to any lengths to find out what caused it.

Additionally, he has a supportive boyfriend who loves him dearly. We could therefore remark that Will’s routine is admirable even though there is no such example of a good life.

According to Luke, Will’s mother has passed away. Although this is the emotional core for Will, the real reality seems to be much, worse, as all those clouds gradually approach the two of them. Luke keeps his distance from Will because he is still trying to hide what is upsetting him. Without his anchor

Will’s employment will come next. Will, who is already a little scared of his extremely irritating boss, pushes himself at a job in enormous risky measures to block out the stress of worrying that his mother—who once attempted to strangle him to death during a psychotic episode—may be re-entering his life.

What Do We Know About the Movie’s Cast?

Hypochondriac Movie

Additionally, we will enjoy seeing a queer protagonist in a genre movie with a more nuanced plot and position. Zach Villa gave an outstanding performance in this richly complex movie, which was one of my favorites from the festival this year.

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His relationship with Luke, portrayed by Devon Graye, a charming and stuffy guy who balances Will’s more irrational impulses and keeps him grounded, is the first aspect of his life to feel the pressure.

Paget Brewster, Marlene Forte, Madeline Zima, Yumarie Morales, as well as Chris Doubek are among the actors in the cast.

Trailer of Hypochondriac!

Let’s get that chilling feeling down your spine through this terrifying trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of the Hypochondriac movie?

The IMBD rating of the Hypochondriac is 6.4/10

What is the estimated runtime of the movie?

The estimated runtime of the movie is 1h 37m

What are the major film genres in Hypochondriac?

The Horror, Thriller, as well as Drama genres, characterize the Hypochondriac movie.


It will be the greatest horror film due to the sheer conscious manner it addresses such a universal human issue. Watching Addison Heimann so vividly lays his emotions out is simultaneously frightful and heartwarming.