Home Technology HyperX: Latest Gaming Headphones Feature 7.1 Channel Audio Starting At $70

HyperX: Latest Gaming Headphones Feature 7.1 Channel Audio Starting At $70

HyperX has recently launched its new gaming headphones and they might be the answer to all your dreams. These headphones are released after it released its $160 headphones. These were released at the beginning of the year.

Now the company has offered a more affordable set of headphones for everyone to buy. They come off cheap and are of good quality. So stick around to find more about these headphones. The $160 headset was a premium gaming headset.

It came with a wireless charger. So everyone wanted to see what is coming their way next. And what has come this way might just please you. So read more to find out more about these headphones.


What Do They Provide?

The HyperX headphones come in two versions: core and core wireless. These models will both have a virtual 7.1 surround sound. Also, this will be featured by HyperX’s own INGENUITY software which is permissible for free download. This feature was provided under the most premium headphones earlier.

But now you can get this quality at a very affordable price. The core model comes at a $60. And the core wireless model is featured at a shocking $80. This pricing is very interesting. Also, it can enable a lot of gamers to now switch to these headphones for the best possible audio experience.

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More Features HyperX

These models will weight about 245 grams with 40mm drivers. Also, these have features that you’d not expect. You can use the built-in microphones to mute yourself. With the wired mode, you get an additional 8-foot cable with a 3.5mm connection.


Also, it has steel sliders that can adjust the fit just as you like it. Isn’t it amazing? The  HyperX wireless model can be connected using a simple 2.5GHz USB adapter. With each full charge, there is a claimed 17 hours of battery life.

More About The Headphones

The best part is that you can get a version of the headphones based on your console. So you can get it color matched with your Xbox and PlayStation.

HyperX are up for ordering now. Go to the official website and order a part for yourself now. This is a deal you’d not like to miss.


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