Hyperdrive Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


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Hyperdrive is a Fiction Drama series released in 2006. It was directed by John Anderson. It has released two seasons as of now. Currently, fans of the series are waiting for Hyperdrive Season 3. In this article, we are going to keep you updated with Hyperdrive Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and more.

Hyperdrive Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled

Hyperdrive season 3 has neither been renewed nor cancelled as of now. The first season of Hyperdrive was released in 2006, with a total of six episodes. Hyperdrive Season 2  was out in 2007, with six episodes in total. Since then, there was no news of the releasing status of Hyperdrive Season 3. However, recently rumors have circulated, suggesting that Hyperdrive Season 3 is on the making. Let’s see what happens. 

Hyperdrive Season 3 Expected Release Date

As mentioned above, there is no update about the releasing status of Hyperdrive Season 3. However, if Hyperdrive Season 3 happens, it might be announced in the year 2024. The first season of Hyperdrive was out in 2006, and 2nd season was out on 12 July 2007. Also read about the release of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3, and Dark Side Of The Ring Season 5.

Hyperdrive Season 3 Release Date

Hyperdrive Season 3 Plotline

Hyperdrive shows the idea of distant future in the year 2151, where the British spaceship HMS Camden Lock cruises through the galaxy, dedicated to serving British interests. Among the crew, Officer Chloe Alice Teal stands out with her evident infatuation for Commander Henderson.

Despite Teal’s lack of qualifications, she finds herself aboard the spaceship due to her father’s ambassadorial status. Now, all members of the crew unite for an extraordinary mission: persuading distant alien governments to move their business to Britain.

If season 3 happens, we may witness the journey of all members of the crew with their new mission. What will the mission be about? Addirionally, it will also reveal who is the real traitor among the crew members. Also read Why Fans Were Emotionally Stunted After Watching Ahsoka Season 1?

Hyperdrive Season 2 Recap

The second season shown the HMS Camden Lock spaceship had the crucial task of transporting a colossal space weapon with the capability to destroy the entire Earth. An alien species attempted to seize the weapon, but the Crew thwarted their efforts. They apprehended an alien who revealed that a back-stabber existed within their ranks. In case you know The Uncanny Counter Season 3.

The Crew then decided to employ the spaceship’s detective software to uncover the true betrayer. It concluded with an unsettling revelation: the crew discovered a “traitor” within their ranks.

Hyperdrive Season 3 Cast

The cast list mentioned below isn’t officially confirm now but based on our speculations,these members might return. 

Nick Frost asCommander Henderson
Kevin Eldon as York
Miranda Hart as Teal
Petra Massey as Sandstrom
Maggie Service as Computer
Paterson Josephas Space Marshall Clarke
Waen Shepherd as Captain Helix
Ewan Bailey as Computer
Dan Antopolski as Jeffers
Stephen Evans as Vine

In addition, we might expect some new faces as well. Are you excited for Hyperdrive Season 3? Let us know.

Hyperdrive Season 3 Episodes

The previous seasons of Hyperdrive had six episodes so we may expect the next season to have six or more than six episodes. What do you think?

Hyperdrive Ratings

Hyperdrive has received a 6.7/ 10 on IMDb and 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The series has received favorable response overall.

Where to Watch Hyperdrive?

Watch Hyperdrive on BBC. If you have never watched the show yet, you can watch it on BBC. You can re-watch the previous seasons in case you have already watched the show. 


Hyperdrive is a Fiction Drama series released in 2006. Hyperdrive season 3 has neither been renewed nor cancelled. The release date for Hyperdrive Season 3 is not out yet. Stay tuned.

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