Will Hunting Season 3 Arrive in 2021?


Sandeep Singh

If you want to experience the life and the problem faced by the LGBT community, then Hunting is the best series you can watch.

There are two seasons of Hunting with 12 episodes in total. The Running time is from 9 min to 22 minutes.

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The director of this unique show is John Marcus. The first two seasons premiered on September 12, 2012 – May 5, 2015. The well-written and well-composed show is waiting for you.

What is the plotline of Hunting?

Hunting is inspired by the blog of the great Cock hunt and Novel: Kensington books. It is an American Gay- Themed comedy-drama.

The main character named Alex is a famous blogger in the city of Manhatten.

He starts writing anonymously on the life of LGBT and his personal daily experience. He starts writing after break up with his boyfriend.

He goes to clubs, pubs and makes similar friends. He made a friend named Lenny. They start living together, Soon Alex is happy and comfortable with him. Alex and his friends joined the gym. Start discussing their relationship.

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Hunting is the show perfectly woven. It shows a deep relationship between LGBTQ and feelings.

These feelings are not familiar to most of us.

Alex is a very jovial kind of personality and wants to go to clubs. But his friends don’t feel the same way. TJ is now in a relationship but upset with Tommy. He thinks his dating profile is racist. When they marry, They decide to explore non-monogamy in their relationship. At the end of the Season. He and his friends are going through problems. Tommy facing racial comments in his workplace. The story is full of ups and downs. Director touched on a serious topic with moderate humour.

Hunting Season 3

Release date: when Can we watch the new Season of Hunting?

The First two seasons of Hunting premiered from September 12, 2012, to May 5, 2015. The new Season is on the way. According to sources, the 3rd Season will come at the end of 2021.

Cast: what are the names of the characters involved in The show Hunting?

1. Ben Baur as Alex ( a famous blogger at Manhatten)

2. Marc Sinoway as Tommy

3. Jake Manabat as TJ

4. Tyler French as Reese

5. Brit-Charde Sellers as Shania

6. Pressly Coker as Hot Sales Guy

7. Joshua Warr as Harris

8. Walker Hare as Lenny

9. Jack Ferver as Nick

10. Kate Geller as Lizzie

11. David Lavine as Ben

Platforms: Where Fans Can Watch All Seasons of Hunting?

The first two seasons of Hunting premieres on the OTT platform on Vimeo.

The 3rd Season is not confirmed. On which platform it will come.

We will update You, as soon as we get any info.

Hunting Season 3

Ratings: What Are the Ratings of Hunting?

Since it has a different and unique genre. The fan and audience gave mixed reviews.

Hunting is one of its kinds show. Ratings do not affect much. Hunting touches different dimensions of Human feeling, Relationships and pain.

It depends on you. You like it or don’t like it. On IMDb, it has 7.3/10.


The LGBT community came so far. After protest and fighting for their rights. Still, in society, they are considered secondary citizens.

Most of the conservatives think It is a disease.

Hunting touches all the spheres of the LGBT community. Whether it is their exploitation in social life or professional life.

Alex is a storyteller and Representative of all the Gay’s out there feeling the same way.

If you are a party enthusiast, then you will like the life of clubs and DJ nights.