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Watch English Movie Hunter X Hunter Season 7


David Mudd

Do you love watching anime? And when it is from the Manga collection, I know Manga has a soft corner in the heart of fans, if you are familiar with the manga then you must have heard about the Hunter x Hunter Season 7

In this, we are going to cover everything we know so far about the Hunter x Hunter season seven but for knowing the exact information, you need to be with us till the end of this article 🙂 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter x Hunter which is pronounced as the “Hunter Hunter” is an anime, which is from the Manga collection. The Hunter x Hunter follows the story of a boy named Gon Freecss. From birth, Gon was told that both his mother and father are not alive. 

But as time passes Gon finds that his father is alive, he went to give the examination of the Hunter in order to become a hunter just like his father, Ging Freecs. 

In his journey, he met some new characters like Kurapika and later he befriended them. The story revolves around the struggles of the little boy, whose only dream is to find his father and become a trained hunter just like him. 

I think it’s enough for the previous plot, now let’s talk about the Hunter x Hunter Season seven. 

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

I know you all are waiting for Season seven, but unfortunately, season seven has no chance to happen at this moment. There are major issues that could be the reasons why this decision is taken, but no solid reason is clarified by the developers. 

Maybe the creators are out of ideas and stories for the seventh installment or maybe they have some better plans that they will reveal maybe later. Therefore there is “no exact information of the release”. In addition, many fans are hoping that the series will come on our screens in 2021. 

It is completely up to the creators, we could not predict anything on our own, but for the latest updates, you need to stay connected with us, Bookmark our website for more updates 🙂

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Cast And Characters

This statement of Mangaka is giving little hope for the fans regarding the renewal, in which he claims that the manga is far from over, “He intends to give it a proper ending. If the show renews then maybe the old characters remain the same”. 

  • Issei Futamata as Narrator 
  • Megumi Han as Gon Freecs 
  • Christina Valenzuela as Killua Zoldyck 
  • Mariya Ise Zoldyck 
  • Erika Harlancher as Kurapika 
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Hisoka Morrow 
  • Mathew Mercer as Leorio Paladiknight 
  • Keith Silverstein as Hisoka Morrow 

What do you think about the characters? Do you expect something new, just like me, if yes then comment on your expectations about the seventh installment of the Hunter x Hunter 🙂

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Hunter X Hunter Ratings

According to the IMDb, this anime from the Manga Collection has given a total of 8.9 out of 10, which is I think enough, Right. Meanwhile, the other ratings are 90 % is given from Rotten Tomatoes and 9.1 out of 10 is given by the

Isn’t the ratings are generous for this anime, for those who haven’t watched a single episode of the Hunter x Hunter, have a look at these fair and honest opinions of the IMDb users on this anime. 

How Users Reacted To This Manga Collection

Starting with the very first comment of Mohamed loo what he said on this Best time ever made 


“The anime is wonderful and focuses on so many details and I just can’t wait for the upcoming episodes.” 

The Quimera Ant’s arc it’s one of the best shonen stories in history. Santibanez 

The first arcs of the series are very good, for 8 or 9 stars, but, honestly, the Quimera Ant arc is perfect, for 12 stars if that could be possible. 

This arc has a strong philosophical background, with amazing questions, and the fight between the parts is without hate (something that the little Gon can’t understand). 

“Anyway, a masterpiece.

If you have watched this name before then also share your reviews with us we would love to read them.” 

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Bottom Lines

Well, it is the end of this article which is completely inspired by the Hunter X Hunter Season 7, whose release is not confirmed at this moment but maybe it will release in the future 

We have tried to make this article a complete piece of information, but still, if you have any queries in your mind then ask us below. If you like our efforts then let us know in our feedback section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Hunter x Hunter 7 be released?

The Hunter x hunter for its seventh season is not going to happen. There is “no exact information of the release” fans are hoping that it will release in the year 2021, but there is no surety about this, it is just an estimation, the exact information is not available on the production tables. 

Where to watch all seasons of Hunter x Hunter?

If you are looking for a platform where you can find all the seasons of the Hunter x Hunter then, I advise you to go on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has each and every episode of this drama and the best part is, it is free but shows lots of advertisements. 

What is the meaning of Hunter x Hunter?

The Hunter x Hunter basically stands for the Hunter of the Hunter i.e Hunter X Hunter. In simple words, the story of a boy who is a “Hunter” went in the search of his lost father who is a hunter also, which simply means the hunter went in the search of another hunter.

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