Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Confirmed Release Date: When is it going to release?



Anime series have already become one of the major entertainment shows among the anime series and are largely enthusiastic towards the popular anime series. Recently, quite a few new anime series have been generated among the people. There have been a lot of new anime series that are gaining quite a lot of attention from people. Among all the anime series, Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular anime series. 

The fans of Hunter X hunter have been waiting for the series to get adapted for a long time. Hunter X Hunter is one of the popular anime series of Japanese anime culture, The series was initially dropped on October 2, 2011. 

Talking about the anime series, the Japanese anime series was inspired by the popular manga series. Written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, the anime series gained humongous popularity among the people. The audience are critics who appreciate the show for its wide range of action and drama. The character development of the series is brilliant and it makes the series more appealing. 

So far, Hunter X Hunter has already released its 6 seasons. The audience of the series are well prepared for the future of the show. After the end of the sixth season, fans were struggling to find out all the details regarding the seventh part.

In this article, we will be going to read everything about the anime series. If you are a fan of the series and waiting for Hunter X Hunter Season 7 to get confirmed. Here is everything you ended up learning about the series. 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Confirmed: Is it Happening?

 Written by Yoshihiro Togashi, who got immense popularity after the release of the manga series. Based on the popular manga series that shares the same name, Hunter X Hunter is an anime adaption of the 1998 popular manga series. 

Fans are already hoping for the creators to release more seasons so that they can see what actually happens after the end of the sixth season. There is no other series like Hunter X hunter. The series gained massive popularity, while many people might not be aware but Hunter X Hunter is the second anime adaption of the manga series, earlier, there were other anime series which were released in the early times. The show garnered a massive fan following from the audience of all around the world.

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Since the show attracts so many people, the audience are hoping to see another chapter of the show. If you have watched the sixth season of the anime series, you would know that the series ended on a cliffhanger. The end of season 6 brings a lot of possibilities for the future of the show. We are still waiting for the series to move forward. 

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the series, released the storyline through the manga by releasing the small chapters but these things are lacking in the anime. The anime, which was left off of cliffhangers, have still not adopted the manga which have abundant amounts of source material. 

So, is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Happening? Well, the fans of the series have already waited so long for the show to happen. But they don’t need to wait for long. Yes! The officials have finally confirmed the seventh season of the anime series. The fans can finally rejoice since their favorite series is coming back.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Confirmed Release Date: When is it going to release?

Hunter X Hunter Season 6 concluded on July 8, 2014. It’s been 7 years since the anime series was released. After the conclusion of the series, the fans were highly enthusiastic to listen to another season of the show. 

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The audience has been waiting for the show to get confirmed for a long time. As the news finally arrived many people are still struggling to believe in it. The audience has kept anticipating the release of the seventh season. 

Moreover, the officials have ended the series on such a cliffhanger. Looking at the manga series, which has constantly put out new volumes for the fans. This makes the fans vulnerable for the seventh season. If you look at the manga series, the story has already moved quite ahead. 

According to Screenrant, the seventh season of Hunter X Hunter is finally confirmed to release on October 24, 2022. For more details, we’ll make sure to let you know. 

Is it Available on Netflix?

Hunter X hunter is a popular Japanese series and on the daily account, the series gets more viewership because of the widespread popularity of the show. Earlier many people had to get through Crunchyroll in order to watch the anime series or use any third party website to get access to the show. 

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However, after the show landed on Netflix, the series has started to gain massive popularity. The subscribers of Netflix were exhausted from watching the anime series. Recently, many anime series are getting in the Online platform because of its huge number of subscribers. At the same time, after Netflix brings these classical hit shows on their platform, they are getting more screen time. 

So, if you want to watch the show, you can watch it on Netflix. Netflix offers the streaming of Hunter X hunter Series. Beside it, there are many other anime series available for streaming. You can explore and watch these shows.

How Fans reacted to this News?

Fabs are already excited to meet the show after so many years. One fan wrote, “Hunter x Hunter is pretty much the best anime I’ve seen so far, I know it’s not for everyone, but it was the best for me (I’ve seen a LOT of anime). Hunter x Hunter is very original and it even inspired Masashi Kishimoto to make Naruto. Also, for all the people saying it had a bad ending, it’s not even finished. Don’t trust them if they can’t get their facts straight. Togashi, the creator, is suffering from back pain and is currently on hiatus until he recovers. Anyways, on to the show itself.”

While other says, “The characters are all very unique and are driven by different motives that are understandable and not just dumb or badly written. Hisoka is one of the most unique characters in anime (IMO) because of his style and the way he acts. Also, the main focus isn’t on Gon, as one of the top reviews says. However, all the characters are given a backstory and they’re not just supporting characters either. The characters aren’t immediately strong, but they develop their powers and learn about new things like men and all the basic nen techniques and types, while we also learn and have an understanding as well. We’re never confused when it comes to those things.”

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