Hunter X Hunter Celebrates Volume 37 With New Teaser!


Saloni Singh

Hunter x Hunter is eventually back in action after nearly four long times of staying, and the manga is celebrating its big comeback with a promo pressing the forthcoming Volume 37 of the series!

Yoshihiro Togashi has been known to take long ages of rest in between new chapters of the long handling action series, but the rearmost hiatus has been the longest in the series’ history to date.

It’s been nearly four times since the last new chapter hit the runners of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, but now the delay is over as the Succession Contest bow continues at last.

 Not only is Hunter x Hunter back in the runners of Shonen Jump with new chapters of the series, but that also means that the rest of its product can move forward as well. With new chapters being available on a daily base for the coming couple of months, that also means that physical volumes of the manga can renew their product as well.

Hunter x Hunter Celebrates Volume 37 With New Teaser

What Is in Hunter X Hunter Volume 37?

 Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 of the series collects Chapters 381 to 390 of the series, which was the final new chapter released before the nearly four long time hiatus.

With Chapter 391 now released to suckers, and likely nine other further new chapters to follow before Togashi takes a break formerly more, now suckers will be suitable to check out this volume and keep up with the series like it noway left.

And as seen with the series before, these chapters throw suckers right into the thick of the Succession Contest bow.

Pressing Volume 37’s cover is Morena Prudo, who’s the master of the dangerous Heil- Ly Family. She’s made her move by using her Contagion Nen capability to order her juniors to do her dirty work, and it’s clear that she’s going to be a veritably dangerous presence for the rest of the contest.

Now that the manga has eventually returned for the coming phase of this bow, hopefully it also means we’ll get to see what her part in all of this will be.

After Four Long Times, Suckers Now Have a Date for the Release of a New Manga Volume of Hunter X Hunter.

 Revealed over Twitter, Weekly Shonen Jump twittered the date November 4 for the release of the 37th volume of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter Celebrates Volume 37 With New Teaser

While numerous have been made apprehensive of the mangaka’s health issues, there was noway really any update on when the coming volume would be released since the 36th volume from October 2018, but now there’s stopgap for the return of the title. The price of this volume is set at ¥ 528 JPY( roughly$3.80 USD).

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