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Human Resources (film): Introduction

Human Resources is a French-British film. The film came in 1999. The film was directed by Laurent Cantet. It won the César Award for Best First Feature Film and the César Award for Most Promising Actor at the 26th César Awards.

Human Resources (film)

Human Resources (film) Quick Facts: Let’s Have A Look On Its Short Profile

Directed by Laurent Cantet
Written by Laurent Cantet
Gilles Marchand
Produced by Caroline Benjo
Carole Scotta
Starring Jalil Lespert
Cinematography Matthieu Poirot-Delpech
Edited by Robin Campillo
Stephanie Leger
Distributed by Haut et Court (France)
Release date September 1999 (San Sebastián International Film Festival)
Running time 100 minutes
Countries France
United Kingdom
Language French

Human Resources (film) Plot: What Is It All About?

Franck (Jalil Lespert), returns to his hometown so that he can do a trainee managerial internship in the Human Resources department of the factory. This is the place where his anxious father has worked for 30 years. Lauded by his friends and family for breaking through the glass ceiling and becoming “white-collar”. Franck and Alain, a young worker whom his father has mentored, become friends.

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Franck explores that his boss is going to use his field study on the proposed 35-hour workweek to justify downsizing. Creation of confrontation between the trainee and management, between the workers and the owners, and between son and father can be seen in the film. At last, Franck accuses his father for legacy shaming at being blue-collar.

Human Resources (film) Cast: Who Stars In The Film?

  • Jalil Lespert  as Franck
  • Jean-Claude Vallod as Father
  • Chantal Barré as Mother
  • Véronique de Pandelaère as Sylvie
  • Michel Begnez as Olivier
  • Lucien Longueville as The Boss
  • Danielle Mélador as Madame Arnoux
  • Pascal Sémard as Human Resources Director
  • Didier Emile-Woldemard as Alain
  • Françoise Boutigny as Betty
  • Félix Cantet as Félix
  • Marie Cantet as Marie
  • Stéphane Tauvel as Christian
  • Stéphanie Chevret as The Secretary

Human Resources (film) Trailer: Is It Available Now?

Here’s the trailer of Human Resources.

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Human Resources is a 1999 French-British film. The idea of the film is the workplace and difficulties. Creates conflicts among management and labour, corporations and individuals. Human Resources received positive reviews from critics and audience.

The film was already released so there’s nothing much to wait for. You can directly watch the film. Stay tuned for more such latest update. You can share views below