Hulu’s Strangely Entertaining, Hallucinogenic Indie Sci-fi Thriller “Come True”


Aditi Narendra

The Hulu streaming film Come True is ideal for the IFC Midnight label. A spooky sci-fi/horror film with huge ideas and a tiny budget that will work well in the early morning hours. Anthony Scott Burns, a Canadian filmmaker, wrote, directed, edited, and created the music for this hypnotic inducer that delves into the unsettling psychedelic material of sleep paralysis. Goal achieved if his goal was to leave us feeling entranced and just partially incepted.

Come True has a scenario where the group follows a sleepwalker off the road and into the actual weeds if you want to learn more about Jungian theory (from which those chapter titles originate) and/or the unpleasant real-life occurrence of sleep paralysis. Even though we may sense it, the movie doesn’t expose itself as a riddle until the very end, at which point you’re either going to shrug your shoulders or feel forced to watch it again to figure out the clues. I’m on the fence because it sometimes looks to be a compilation of red herrings for red herrings, or teases and acts of aggression that, if you put in the effort of understanding, might make sense. And whether it’s actually about anything beyond its own machinations is debatable; despite its occasional visceral scares, it ultimately feels like an intellectual exercise.

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On the positive end, Burns shrewdly and skillfully cultivates an eerie atmosphere that keeps us compelled, and maybe a little entranced, by what’s going on. Refn frequently calls himself a “fetish” filmmaker — Cronenberg and Kubrick absolutely were — and one senses similar aspirations from Burns. Come True has a (lightly) bleeding eyeball or two and some anachronistic clickity-clack plugs-and-switches technology that seems too analog for modern scientists to be using, but it creates a tactile sensation that keeps the film’s ethereal and anti-logical elements from being too disconnected from recognizable reality.

The Release Date of the Movie ‘Come True’

The release date of the movie ‘Come True’  was on August 30, 2020, at Fantasia Film Festival, and on March 12, 2021, in the United States on Hulu.

The Trailer for the Movie ‘Come True’

The movie by Anthony Scott Burns is available. Check out the trailer before you dive into the movie. Find for yourself

Who Is in the Cast of the Movie ‘Come True’?

  • Julia Sarah Stone as Sarah Dunne
  • Landon Liboiron as Jeremy
  • Carlee Ryski as Anita
  • Christopher Heatherington as Dr. Meyer
  • Tedra Rogers as Zoe
  • Brandon DeWyn  as Michael
  • John Tasker as Lyle
  • Austin Baker as Will
  • Shane Ghostkeeper as Aaron
  • Christopher Thomas as Jack
  • Caroline Buzanko as Emily
  • Orin McCusker as Peter
  • Tyler Dreger as Mark
  • Karen Johnson-Diamond as Ruth

The Plot of  the Movie Come True

Quick first-person zoom: A door, some monoliths, and eventually a dark human figure can all be seen after a mountain and the subsequent blackness. After a peculiar dream, Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) awakens. On a playground slide, she has been dozing. The ominous subheading is THE PERSONA. After riding her bike home, Sarah observes her mother leaving the house before entering, getting dressed, making coffee, and leaving for school, where she frequently dozes off in class.

Her bedroom wall is covered with a Weekend at Bernie’s poster. Does this matter? In her manner, Sarah gives the impression that she is not a part of the typical high school experience. She exudes a tired, disturbed, and worn-out aura. At the coffee shop where she meets her closest friend Zoe (Tedra Rogers), she notices a flyer asking for volunteers for a sleep study at a nearby university. She obviously has a problem, so maybe this will cure her.

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THE ANIMA AND THE ANIMUS is another ominous title. Sarah arrives at the sleep test. There are a few more participants. She is wired to equipment on the wall and forced to wear an odd bodysuit and soft helmet by Anita (Carlee Ryski). Jeremy (Landon Liboiron) is seated in front of a bank of monitors and a desk covered in switches and knobs. Through oversized Coke bottle spectacles, Dr. Meyer (Christopher Heatherington) supervises the procedure.

Every time Sarah asks a question, she receives the same response: “We can’t tell you that.” The first night appears to have gone well because Sarah is cheerful and rested in the morning. She visits a bookstore, looks through a Philip K. Dick book, and a friendly man standing nearby recommends it to her. Does this matter? Though who knows, it’s probably more pertinent than a Weekend at Bernie’s allusion. The same person shows up in a disturbing slasher film she attends. Hmm.

come true

The study doesn’t go quite as well on the second night. Sarah is shown some surreal pictures by Anita during her morning interview. She doesn’t respond to any of them until the final one, which shows the dark human figure she had previously seen in her dream, causing a full-blown panic attack. Later, Sarah discovers that the man who had been casually following her is actually Jeremy, who certainly seems to be going beyond the bounds of legitimate scientific inquiry.

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She challenges him. She is curious as to the purpose of this odd sleep study. Will he provide any gratifying responses? Does Jeremy’s office’s The Terminator poster have any significance? Why do her visions resemble CGI renderings of Byzantine art installations? Who or what is the unsettling person she sees in her dreams? Here’s another ominous title, but it’s not the last one: THE SHADOW.


The Girl in Come True Is How Old?

Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone), 18, agrees to participate in a university sleep study in an effort to find relief from her persistent nightmares.

Come True Is Based on a Real Story?

Anthony Scott Burns is a Canadian writer and director of the science fiction horror movie Come True.

What Is IMDb Rating of Movie ‘Come True’?

The IMDb rating of Come True is 5.9/10.

What Is the Final Verdict?

If you’re not easily frightened, Come True has enough of an intriguing mystery and exhibits enough inspiration to be worth seeing with the lights out. You should definitely. Stream it.