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Hulu: Free 24/7 Stream Of ABC News Live For Subscriber


David Mudd

We hope that you know about HULU, it is a video-on-demand, subscription-based service. They have lots of users/viewers from all around the world. This is a service used by people who don’t have a cable connection or are who watch television very rare. This is better than having a cable connection that has so many channels, and you only watch a few of them. It saves money, gives you the power to view only what you want to watch.

HULU Starts 24/7 Streaming Of ABC News Live For Their Subscribers:

HULU has taken a decision, and they will now provide their subscribers 24/7 streaming of ABC news channel. This is the time when everyone wants to listen to the news, and the world is in danger. There are so many platforms that are giving out offers, but HULU is giving out this service to all their subscribers for free. 


This is something very generous and thoughtful of them. They are one of the most popular streaming services.

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More Streaming Services Need To Do Things Like These (Hulu)

The situations are getting hard; most of the countries are in complete lockdown. The conditions are no less than curfew and people need to know everything about what is happening around the world. Streaming applications need to give out news channels for free to everyone. Some channels allow users to stream them live on YouTube. 

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What To Offer The Users?

The streaming services can give out free memberships for a month to new users, and they will get addicted to their platforms for sure. After this thing goes normal, they will subscribe to the platform with money, and they will stay with your app too. Just provide content that has the quality and make sure to keep offering the latest movies and shows. This is the time when people need these kinds of applications.

Netflix and Amazon have the most significant market shares, but this is the time when there are chances for other applications to increase their share. They can attract their target audience.